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lauren - April 23

i keep hearing that my mom is going to be the deciding factor in what happens to my baby when she finds out.. that she can choose abortion or adoption if SHE.. does not want me to have the baby, im 15.. 16 at the time of delivery, is it true that i have no say in keeping my baby if she is totally against it?


Jade - February 24

I'm 14, and I might be pregnant. I say, that if YOU want to keep the baby, you can. She can't tell you what to do. She can't force you into the doctors and make you have an abortion if you don't want. That's why I have my brother to help me if I won't get an abortion and my mom gets mad at my choice. I'm telling you to leave, but whatever you want to do, it is your choice. Not your mother's.


Maggie - March 15

I was also a teen mother and let me tell you you are the only person who dcides what happens to your baby NO ONE ELSE not even your mother I don't know who is telling you this but it is not true at all..


ashley - March 15

hey i am a teen mom. your not the only one out there trust me. im 19 i was 17 wheni got pregnant with my daughter and no your mom maybe upset with you for alittle while but trust me she will get over it whe sees that little face staring at her. but for your answer no you got pregnatn this baby is yours she can not make those kind of decisions. it is your body she cant make you do it or for that matter do anything about your baby unless you give up your parental rights. (which has to be done in court)


delana - March 18

NO!!! Your mom can not decide what will happen it is up to you.the only thing she could do is refer you to a social worker if you don't have a way to support the baby when it's born. Or she could try to get custody if you were an unfit mom.


delana - March 18

No!!! its all on you what happens with the baby


delana - March 18

i was a teen mom i got pregnant at 16 and my baby was born at 17


Brenda - April 16

No, your mother can't force you. However, why are you pregnant and even facing such a decision? I think you are way too young and immature and should either have an abortion or give the child up for adoption. There are thousands of good parents who would LOVE to have a child and would guarantee an excellent life for your child. Don't be selfish!


Niki - April 19

it's not true you have a say in what happens to your baby. Your mom may be mad but in time she will get over it. just prove to her that you are a good mother for your baby and dont let know one else tell you other wise


jessica winter - April 21

no she has no right telling you what to do. You will need to get in touch with a social worker who will help you and give you lots of options and benefits


here to care....jen,TX - April 23

First of all your mom needs to chill the hell out. YOU are the only person that is responsible of your body. She has NO say what so ever. The only thing she does have a right to do is know everything that the doctor knows or finds out, thats only because you are under 18,but other then that, she cant touch your baby. You need to talk to her. Let her know that you are who you are and this is YOUR LIFE. Remind her that she lived hers already by having you...everyone has a destiny in life. You just found it a little early.



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