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aysiasavvy - March 1

let me begin with the fact that i'm not extremely educated in s_x, pregnancy, and all that jazz, so this place seems to know what they're talking about. here's my situation: last night or so, i stopped or what seemed to be stopping my period. i was at my boyfriend's house, and one thing led to another and i wound up giving him a hand job. my panties were on. no s_x involved. i believe to have gotten sperm on my hand, but i can't remember if i had gotten it on my finger tips. i then realized that i was fixing myself 'down there', and panicked, i was touching myself, but not m____eing. is there any possible way of me getting pregnant if i had sperm on my finger tips and touched my va___a? help is needed, thank you.


Meagan18 - March 1

ANYTHING is possible, but I wouldn't worry at all. I very seriously doubt you are pregnant.


Julie23 - March 2

I highly doubt it.


LaurenandAtticus - March 2

Hmm, I doubt it just like the other girls. But better safe than sorry right? take a pregnancy test when you've missed a period or seriously think something is wrong. GL. LKV <3


AbbiesMummyEm - March 2

Probably about as much chance as Shane McGowan winning a beauty contest. Try not to worry, why not go get the morning after pill just incase?


Noodle - March 2

theres like the most minute chance. but there is a chance. most people wouldnt get pregnant from that espicially from that time of yor cycle. but there is something called sods law which can always bite ya in the a__s. Emergency contraception? or just try to forget about it, because it probably hasnt occured.


ChattyKathy - March 2

Well, yes, like people said there is a small chance... but don't freak out. that chance is about 0.0000000000000001% You just stopped your period (not a fertile time), you didn't or barely had any sperm on your hand, and you didn't insert the sperm into your v____a. To me that says don't panic. And honey, now that you're becoming s_xually active you NEED to be able to become educated on the subject. Take responsibility for yourself and your body. Do yourself some good.


Grandpa Viv - March 2

S_xEd 101. On average, your egg lets go 14 days before your next period and it has to meet sperm within 24 hours or die. Sperm can lie in wait for 5 days. From that we get that the fertile window is from day 8 thru 16 of a 28 day cycle (giving a day leeway on either end). Don't take that to the bank, however. The egg can come a day or three early or late, but you get the picture.



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