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worriedteen07 - May 7

Okay... soo last night I had s_x with this guy. We are both feelin eachother but we arent dating.. yet. But we have s_x twice last night... WITHOUT A CONDOM. I had them and everything and I dont know what was going thru my mind... so what do i do!? I dont have money for that morning after pill and dont have insurance... and i cant ask him for money cuz i feel horrible doin that... and the worse part is... is that i should be getting my period within the next week or two.. (dont know when) so even if i do get pregnant will iget this next period or no??? AHH I NEED HELP ASAP.. thanks guys...!!! loves!


llukenjess - May 7

You can go to planned parent hood and get the morning after pill for free....


summersun - May 7

ya that is a good idea


Krissy25 - May 7

Why can't you ask him for money? I mean he knew you guys were having unprotected s_x so it's his fault too. I'm sure he would rather pay for plan b than child support. Being that you say your period is possibly due in 2 weeks it could be your fertile time right now so if you don't want to get pregnant that is your best option.


momtobe924 - May 7

I agree with Krisssy i think if you go to PPH like lluke said and you explain to them your situation they will either give it to you for free or give u a discount i remember when i was 19 i took the morning after pill and it was only 20 bux.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - May 7

Depends on where you are for the morning after pill...its 50 bucks to get it here. Even tho they say its free there are some places who don't do it for free. Just so you know


angelmonkey - May 7

some people say if you take 2 birth control pills (or th pill) depends what country guessing america as you have to have insurance? (crazy) but anyways 2 pills and a asprin not sure if it works tho sounds crazy to me lol


Krissy25 - May 7

Angelmonkey i'm not sure where you heard that, but it is not true. I took the morning after pill one time about 8 years ago before there was an actual Plan B pill. You took 4 birth control pills right away and exactly 12 hrs later you took 4 more. I guessing though she doesn't have any b/c pills. I agree with the other ladies, call plan parenthood and see if you can obtain them for free or at a reduced cost, if you can't call that guy. Just be honest with him and say "ya know last night we didn't sue any sort of protection and i'm now thinking that probably wasnt' the best idea, so i was going to get Plan B and it's a little more than i can really afford so do you mind helping out." I know it is probably akward, but it's his problem too and i bet he will apperciate your honesty. Good luck to you.


amanda17 - May 7

I think all the other girls have pretty much covered the advice you need so I have a question just out of curiosity. Is the morning after pill even safe? It seems kind of fishy to me :\


Krissy25 - May 7

Hey Amanda, I'm sure, like with any medication on the market, that a certain percentage of women have a bad reaction, but i think for the most part it is safe. I know for me the worst thing i experienced was some slight nausea and some irregular bleeding, other than that i was fine. I don't think anyone would recomend it as a regular form of birth control but if you're in a bind b/c you didn't use anything or it broke and you definitely don't want to get pregnant it's really your only option.


amanda17 - May 7

I probably just have an uncomfortable view about it because it first came out when my grandma was a teenager and I think she told me it sometimes resulted in the woman's death. That was like 50 years ago though. I'm sure it would be illegal if it still had a high death percentage. It just seems kind of iffy... After a few weeks you need a big expensive procedure, but after a few days you just need a pill? I dunno... It's probably just me.


Grandpa Viv - May 7

Amanda, you are probably confusing the morning after pill (PlanB) with the chemical abortion pill (RU486). PlanB is nothing more than a heavy dose of regular bc pills - in fact, before it was available, Planned Parenthood used to list how many of each kind of bc pill would produce the same result. For 07, a pity you do not keep better track of your period. If it is due in one week you are pretty safe; if in two weeks, you are at high risk. Since women tend to get carried away when they are ovulating, the second guess is probably more accurate. You have problems deciding between a $30 pill and $100,000 to bring up a child to age 18? Good luck!



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