Very Confused And Scared Please Help

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sexyflow - May 18

I want to tell my story and see if anybody could give me some advice.... please !!!......more than a month ago y had unprotected and protected s_x with my was a mistake because I wanted to tell him that i didn't wanted to be with him anymore, so after everything passed i told him and we split...i was worried because i wanted to get my period so i would be sure i'm not pregnant...after a couple of days i finally got period lasts ususlly from 5 to 6 days, but in that case it lasted like 4 days and up to day 6 my blood was very minimal and brownish.....after a couple of weeks i started to go out with my current boyfriend...we had s_x a on 5/12...I'm very scared because i been feeling sleepy and somewhat tired for the last couple of days, i'm not eating much as well, and the worst thing is that i been having this mucus or mucuous for the last few days since we had s_x.....i'm very nervous and scared...what if i'm pegnant but my baby is not from my current boyfriend which i love deeply ??? what can i do ???


maren - May 18

well chances are low that if your pregnant its your ex's after all you did have a period after you both had s_x. If you are pregnant they will probably gove you a due date based on your last period or they might give you a due date by ultrasound. You can ask them on what date you most likely concieved, if this date is way after when you had s_x with your Ex its safe to say that the baby is your current boyfriends father. If not then your ex is probably the father. Wait till you miss your period to test, and try not to stress about this.


midnight_drift - May 18

I doubt your pregnant, because if you got your period, and especially if it lasted that long, then it's likely you aren't. But hey, you should take a test, especially if you had your period after being with that ex boyfriend. So I suggest taking a HPT (home pregnancy test.)


Grandpa Viv - May 18

Hmm. Some dates and cycle info would help. If you did not have s_x between your last period and 5/12, signs starting 5/16 are several days too soon to be from pregnancy this cycle. Today is too soon to get a positive hpt from pregnancy this cycle. My suggestion is to go out and buy a preg test this evening and run it first pee in the morning. If you get a definite positive you likely got pregnant last cycle and had an in-pregnancy bleed. If you have to take several tests over the next couple of weeks to get a strong positive, it is more likely you got preg this cycle. My hope for you is that you have a cyst or mind-generated preg signs, and you are not pregnant at all (yet). Remember that "love deeply" after a month or two of acquaintance is actually infatuation, which can evaporate in a flash. True love does not start until after you have been together for a year or more, and have gotten to know each other without the pretences of early dating. Good luck!


midnight_drift - May 19

I agree with Grandpa Viv on the love deeply part, I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude. I know that the man I'm with is the one for me, because we have been together for almost three years now. We are also engaged. When you take the test, make sure to update and tell me how you are and if your pregnant or not! It makes me anxious to find out ^_^; Hopefully, for your case, your not.



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