Virgin Asking

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J.J lee - October 17

discribe what is feels like to have your virginity brake does is hurt how does is fell please tell me


Pretty bright - October 17

Yes it does hurt. Your v____a is probably extremely small so when you first have s_x it is going to stretch your insides a little bit. If you have s_x with a guy that is very well endowed it will cause you to bleed a bit more than if your guy has a small p___s. You will probably not enjoy it very much the first few times because it will still hurt. Once your v____a is more used to being full, you will enjoy s_x more. It feels like it burns a little bit because of the stretching and it will feel like cramping when you are doing it too.


Crazy girl - October 17

my friend stuck his p___s head inside of my v____a, but he didn't see prec_m before he went in. He didn't go in at all far he tried to push it in a little to fast but didn't get in so he pulled it out and ejacualated by masterbastiion am I pregnant?


Alicia - October 18

If you are worried about whether or not "it will hurt" then you probably arent' ready yet and I hope you aren't thinking about having it! S_x can be uncomfortable for a few seconds, but mostly because the woman is tense not because it's painful. A woman must be arroused (physically as well as mentally) for s_x to be comfortable. And I wouldnt't worry about the breaking. Its the thinnest layer of skin imaginable and if you are old enough, it's probably broken naturally by now anyway. If you don't know these things, you are too young.


hmmm - October 18

you sound like a dirty man wanting to get off on people talking about virgins and s_x if you ask me. if not then you are not ready for s_x let alone coming on a teen pregnacy site.


Melissa - October 19

Every woman can have a different experience. I myself did not have any pain....but the first time I had s_x, he couldn't go all the way in because it was too took a couple of times before we were able to actually engage in intercourse. But I was completely ready in more ways than one, so that can play a part in how much pain you have. If you tense up and aren't comfortable with the whole situation it can make it a painful experience. I didn't bleed either surprisingly.....but others might have. I hope this help


believe it or not - October 19

When I was 15 someone had told me that very active girls can pop their cherry in a good fall.Weather you believe that or not is up to you.Both my friend and I didn't have bleeding the first time.Neither one of had messed around with any form of s_xual activies before.You figure it out.Just to make it clear we are in our 20's married and yes we have only been with men. We just happen to talk about everything including s_x.As far as if it hurts I don't rember any pain but I was the one that said I was ready and wanted it.that might make a difference.(he was a few years older)Unbeilieve it may sound but true.


in ur shoes once - October 19

my first time hurt a little bit but after that it was okay...hope this helps!!



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