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Do Not Listen to Viv - October 5

RE: Can Someone Please Tell Me How To Get Pregnant --------------- Viv, do you realize that you told a 15 year old girl what days she can get pregnant on without even trying to discourage her from trying to get pregnant????? What is wrong with you? In situtations like hers, it is better for her to have no clue when she ovulates rather than to know the exact day. Nice going. I have read many of your posts and not only are you misinformed about reproduction and pregnancy, but you are a hazard to young ladies on these boards with your overlysupportive att_tude. One can be supportive without giving the green light.


Viv - October 5

Thanks for the reminder. I would not intentionally encourage any teen to get pregnant, though I do try to provide non-judgmental information to s_xually active teens to help them avoid pregnancy. Please feel free to post a reb___tal behind any post I make.


? - October 5

Viv is not an idiot. You are a BITCH!


Ms. W - October 6

I agree. You should be discouraging teens from getting pregnant. It is bad enough that they are having unprotected s_x & pa__sing around diseases. Why tell them how & when to get pregnant. Stick to the advice & support but don't give directions.


GuitarJade - October 6

In my opinion, it it probably a good thing for girls to know more about their bodies... when they ovulate, when they have the highest chances of getting pregnant etc... that way they aren't completely uneducated and clueless about what's going on inside of them. I wish that somebody would have told me all these things long ago... that way I would have had to figure them out the hard way. No, I don't think we should be encouraging young adults/teenagers to get pregnant, but if they ask a question, why shouldn't we answer them? One of the top reasons girls get pregnant at a young age is because they are uneducated about s_x and their bodies. So, while we shouldn't be promoting teen pregnancy, we should be answering their questions truthfully... that's why them come here!


OP - October 6

I am the original poster and I want to retract my claim that "Viv is an idiot". It was harsh of me and I should have thought before I posted. I know she gives great advice often but this one through me for a loop.


Katie - October 10



me - October 10

Katie, I retracted my insult due to the fact that I realized it was rude. I could have made my point without calling her an idiot. I stand by the fact that what she did was wrong.


Jen - October 10

Wow somone who can admilt they are wrong, that's a good thing. You could have said it nicer. Viv is only trying to help people. I takes a big person to say they are wrong or too harsh.


to the OP - October 11

i disagree with you when you said viv was an idiot. HE has given some great advice to girls on here. i do not believe that he encourages them to get pregnant, but rather informs them of the options thay have when having s_xual intercourse (pill, condoms, etc.) i am amazed that viv is actually a man and has given more accurate information then i was taught in school. alot of girls can learn from his advice. u can not call him an idiot from just one situation.


Me - October 11

Viv is a man?? Lol!! I had no clue.


Jen - October 11

Viv, are you really a man? Why are you helping all these girls?


Viv - October 11

There's a taboo about helping girls? I wish I had known enough to impart some of this stuff to my daughter when she needed it! I am a retired engineer (66) with a social agenda. I am trying to get some insights on the best way to try to increase the portion of children born into stable families. The information here is quite relevant, and as long as I am browsing I might just as well post. My thinking so far is: that lack of s_x education is a serious problem; that males would benefit by learning about female s_xuality - might give them some respect; that we should be teaching that careful mate selection and getting our progeny off to a good start is a priority over satisfying animal s_xual response; that doubling up on contraception and honoring the fertile window should be doctrine; that for teens experimenting but with no intention of full intercourse, the benefits of v____al spermicide should be stressed. Please feel free to append to my list.


Jen - October 11

Well I feel it it wonderful that you have taken up this cause. You really want to help people. Everyone should do something to help others. Everyone has different experiences and it helps to know what others have been through and info. Viv, you seem like a good person.


Kay - October 11

Hmm... I agree that you should becareful with what you tell a teenager about reproduction. I strongly disagree that Viv is an 'idiot'. Often times he's given good advice. In fact, even if the advice was a little loose, he was still helping to accomplish one of his goals. And Viv, I absolutely agree with you. S_x education lacks a lot. I know people who recently graduated from high school and still didn't know what the prostate gland was.


WHY?? - October 12




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