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VOTE - October 18



No - October 18

A vote for Kerry is a terrible thing for our country and this is not a political site.


YES!!! - October 19



Definately! - October 19

Yes! Vote for Kerry! Get that illiterate moron out of office!


Yes - October 19

Anybody but Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld!


amen - October 19

a vote for BUSH is a terrible thing for our country, get informed. vote for kerry!


melanie - October 19

BUSH!BUSH!BUSH!BUSH!BUSH! did you know that nater, the third party is for weed? hes not hooked on it, but he can care less if people do drugs or not.


Jen - October 19

I support Kerry. I don't think he will win but he has my vote!


E - October 20

Kerry for President!! I wish I could drink election night b/c I am scared sh*tless that Butch will get re-elected. I need something to calm my nerves.


to bush voters - October 20

do you understand that bush is screwing you guys over so that he can put some money in his pocket? he talks about freedom and security, but by invading iraq (under false pretenses), he made the US more vulnerable? because of him, islamic militants are reaching out to the millions of iraqis who now hate the USofA more (and i would too if i saw my people humiliated and murdered). he's also taking away our individual freedom in favor of supporting big businesses (because they'll make large monetary contributions to his campaign). frankly, it disgusts me that someone would put himself before all the americans that are counting on him. i guess that's what happens though when you have a 'president' who WASN'T EVEN ELECTED the first time round. i know kerry will win (despite what right-leaning poll businesses will tell you). i'm just worried that it won't even matter and that somehow, bush will re-instate himself like that dictator he is.


rory - October 20

this is pretty good site, check it out:


the reason behind iraq - October 20

watch the doc_mentary 'money'. it's pretty good. in it, you find out that the real reason behind the iraq invasion is the fact that saddam had decided to switch over to the euro, which would cause the US dollar to drop considerably, since a lot of USD is tied up in the middle east. This would have caused a depression in our economy. You'll find out all sorts of interesting things if you stop watching fox news and VIACOM owned t.v. stations (MTV, CBS, etc.) and turn toward unbiased news media. good luck, america!


Jen - October 20

I will cry too if bush wins!!


Sibbi - October 20

Is there a pregnant teenager anywhere in this? Just thought thats what this site is for. Or perhaps I've stumbled upon a political chatroom by mistake? Take it somewhere else.


RE: Sibbi -Dont open it!!!!!!!! - October 20

Sibbi, if this thread bothers you, don't open it. Some of us are geared up about the upcoming election and feel compelled to respond to this thread. There is always someone trying to control what others can and cannot write about.


Eve - October 21

Why don't more people see that Bush has majorly f***ed up and won't even admit it! I'll cry if he wins too, I'll definately need a drink, but being that I'm pregnant, that's not possible, so I really hope Kerry wins!!


Sibbi - October 21

Well then take it somewhere else and stop wasting the space on this site which is for PREGNANCY. I'm not trying to control anything.



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