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savannah - July 27

Hi, i am 18, not as young as some of u, but still young. I just found out I am pregnant. I am 16 weeks. I didn't even realise, cos I still got my period up till last month, then i took a test cos my br___t were sore, i missed 1 period and looked to be getting a little belly. I am so afraid, I am not ready to be a mother. My boyfriend says he doesn't want it, and says we will probably break up if I have it. So if I have it I will probably be a single mum.... I don;t know what to do :( any other girls in my situation


Jaime - July 27

hey savannah.. wow nice name lol. hey look im 17 and 4 months preg, dont worry about the father, u do what you want to do! if u wanna get rid of it do it. but if you know u will regret it, dont get rid of it just for the father. he will come around when the day comes. trust me.. im going to be a single mother myself as i broke up with my bf before i found out that i was even pregnant. but at 16 weeks i dont think you can abort it. well not in aus u cant. um.. i just wanna say be strong and u will get through it. i know i havent had my baby yet, but i know if i just be strong it will be ok. im going to be nearly due on my 18th birthday.. no drinking for me lol. any way hey if you need to talk email me [email protected]


savannah - July 27

Hey Jaime, I just replied to your post! Lol... I am from Aus 2, and you can abort up to 20 weeks (so i heard) but it can be very dangerous. I dont think i can abort, I am too far along (I even felt a kick Yesterday!) I am not worried about the dad, He can stay or not, But i am concerned about being another single mother on the pension, and not being able to afford to give my baby a quality life.


Ashley - July 27

Hi Savannah, I'll be 18 in a few weeks, my baby is due Aug. 28. I broke up with my boyfriend a month before i found out i was pregnant, and even when i found out i was pregnant, i didn't want him back or anything (loser). You are young and a baby will definately change your life, but i think you should keep it. If you wanted to find out the s_x of the baby, you could, they told me mine was a boy when i was only 17 weeks! there is nothing wrong with being a single mom, and who's to say you'll be sinngle forever, i met my fiancee when i was 2 months preg!!


Kelly - July 28

Hi Ladies- I read your posts and couldn't help responding. When I was 17 I became pregnant. The babies father broke up with me when I was 3 months pregnant. I was devastated and so depressed. The father and I ended going back and forth. Getting together, breaking up and so on. After the baby was born it was a constant struggle. I was on state a__sistance (in US) for a little while and I felt like a loser. BUT....I will skip ahead now about 12 years. I am now a happily married 29 year old with the most amazing 11 year old little boy. Even though it was hard I stayed strong and determined. I waited tables at night, I became a nurses aide, I did everything and anything that I needed to do in order to provide for my boy and this was w/o a man in my life. His dad has stayed a HUGE part in my boys life and we are great friends now. I now have a pretty good job, I have a great marriage and I own my own home. Things do not have to be so desperate. It will take time but you will get through all of the hard things and feel so proud of what you have accomplished to give your babies a good life. As long as you provide the basics and a WHOLE lot of love you got it covered. Good luck to you all and just know that you can make it through!



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