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Tori - February 21

My bf got me pregnant and when I told him he quit calling or coming to see me. He is now seeing one of my use to be best friends. He said my child is not his and he refuses to claim it. my parents want me to abort. i would rather adopt the baby out . how hard is it to prove he is the dad. how much does a dna test cost. if he is the dad can they make him get a job to pay child support. he is 17 and i'm 16. or will he have to sign papers if i adopt out cuz he denies baby?


Julia - February 21

Okay .........the child support people will make him pay for DNA TEST. And you can get government help also. If you choose to adopt baby out, nad he doesnt sign papers. They will usually run a add in the paper asking if anyone could have fathered your baby in or arounf the time you got PG. If know one respondes then you can adopt baby out with just your signature. If you ahve anymore questions your welcome to email me. [email protected] Or if you just need to vent. :)


Julia - February 21

If you apply for any state help like food stamps, insurance, WIC and stuff they will ask questions about the father and they will pusue him to prove paternity and get child support.


if you choose adoption - February 21

If you tell the adoption agency that he is the father and that you know you that for sure then they will have him sign away his rights OR sign a denial form saying that he dosn't belive he is the father...it's easier just tell them you don't know who it is so they can run the add..and don't worry it's not a add everyone will see it's only seen in a paper the usually only lawyers read.


Audrey - February 21

Tori, it's obvious that your bf refuses to take responsibility for what has happened. Speak to a lawyer to find out what your options are. He can be forced to provide child support if you choose to go that way.


becca - February 22

thats harsh!... but if u havent had a scan all ready ask him to come with you because my b/f wanted nothing to do with the baby wanted me 2 have an abortion but then he saw the baby and he changed completely you need to make him relise thats this is going to be his responsability as well even if you to arnt going to stay to gether as a couple


Gabby - February 26

he will have to pay child support. and if he doesnt claim the child as his, then the state will pay for a DNA test. I am going through the EXACT same thing as you, so if you need to talk, email me at [email protected]


katie - February 27

im i not rite in sayin he (the dad) has to agree to hav a DNA test and they cnt do it without his permission and so if he doesnt let them does tht not mean there is no eveidence for him bein the father and then he wudnt hav to pay anything


? - February 27

He cannot refuse a DNA test. If he refuses they will make him pay child support and a__sume he is the father.



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