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frances - January 14

what positions get you pregnant?


halliewell - January 16

it wont take long but it could take up two 6weeks


silly girls - January 16

I would like to know why in hell would a 15 year old want to have a baby....grow up girly


Nick - January 19

Suzie, if anything please read this!!! I here all these replies to your e-mail and I'm rather dissapointed. I her all these two line responses telling you to grow up.... how constructive is that! Although you can have a baby all I can think about is that your 15 and that you have so much life ahead of you. There is tons of time to have a baby why rush it. I'm 29, I tell you that the last 14 years of my life have been great, I've explored the world I've been free to have fune with my friends, partied, loved, lived, loved again. I have awsome memories of everything I've done. I would never exchanges these memories for anything. And now my wife is pregnant and we are going to have our first child. I'm very happy. But it's time to have a baby. Your can have a baby .. but why? There is no going back and your child will be your responsibility for the rest of your life. I wish I could show you what you would be missing out on for the next 15 years of your life... It's hard to go to spring break and the carrabean when you have to take care of a child. It's hard to keep friends, when they have the freedom to do what they want but you have to stay home and miss out because it's feeding time. Or go to school, experience college life. Your 15 and if all goes well you'll live for another 65 years! If you have a child those 65 years will be spent taking care of your son or daughter.. actually the last 5 years they take care of you.lol My advice, live a little become the person you want to be. Make memories that will be with you for a life time. Become you...alone and independant and when you have lived a life then you can create a life and teach it your experiences. Never sell yourself short of what you can be. I've lived 29 years of my life without a child and I've loved it. Now I have 50 years left to go, plenty of time to enjoy my newborn baby. And bonus I haven't missed a thing.


My Gosh - January 19

You young people should really watch Montel more often.


Sarah - January 21

im 16 and im 7 months pregnant. me and my boyfriend are still together, and i couldnt be with out him supporting me. I wanted a baby and my best friend is 17 and has a little boy aged 2 and 1 on the way. I always played with him and got really broody, and it was something i really wanted. But then 5 weeks later i never had my period, and i didnt think anything of it, i thought it was stress, then 2 more months went on and still no period, and i found out i was pregnant. I was over the moon, but now im worried sick about how im going to cope. I know i got my family and i got a wonderful boyfriend, and they will help me, but at the end of the day im the one who's going to look after he/her, and its going to be the hardest thing ive ever had to do. At times i wish i never did get pregnant, and thats with my boyfriend. You shouldnt have s_x with your best friends brother no way!!! if you get pregnant then who's to say he'll have anything to do with it? Babies cry, you have sleepness nights, cant got out shopping with mates, as you have to spend all your money on the baby. Im not looking forward to it, so i dont think you should. It will pa__s, i just wish i was more careful.


For SuzieQ - January 21

Look here Suzie, you've had your fun now. No 15 year old is that dumb or stupid. You'd be better off doing your homework than having a few laughs on here.


suzieq5956 - January 22

Well I got my period today. not the baby I want. Robby said if we have s_x every day that will give us a batter chance of making a baby is this true?


Mommy2Kylie - January 22

Of course he'll "make" you pregnant, anything to have s_x. You're 15 years old, you know nothing about taking care of a baby, and you know nothing about what its like to go through the pregnancy and have the baby. Im 19 and have a 2 and half month old daughter and I don't even know a lot. I suggest you finish school and get the knowledge you need to take care of a baby before you have your bestfriends brother "impregnate" you. Which to me is so wrong and sick. You should definitley not want a baby at 15, and I bet if you took care of one for 1 week straight like it was your child you'd change your mind in a heartbeat. Girls your age want to have babies when they arn't feeling loved, and they want a baby there to fill that spot. Its not fair to a baby.


mizzy17 - January 25

hey kate I think I might be pregnant too...you are right 15 is pretty young to have a baby...But I was just 16 when I got pregnant by a 26yr old and I was going to be having twins...But unfourtally I lost them at 2 months I had a feeling that I was having boys..Just by my gut feeling and I named them michia and micheal...email me if you want to chat [email protected]


Jori - May 22

Oh my, little girl! A baby should be the last thing on your mind. What about things that normal kids your age are doing? Think about it. Even simple thing thats you'll want to do (i.e. going to prom) are going to be difficult to manage. What about college? Or even finishing highschool? I doubt you have an immense trust fund as most people do not, so how will you pay for this child? What will you do, collect welfare for the rest of your life? That will not give your child a good life. Now what about your friend's brother, is he ready to be a dad? Is he willing to pay child support? I doubt it, all he wants to get laid. Don't you want to have a baby with someone you love? I'm 21 and married. My husband and I both have full time jobs and are going to buy a house soon. Aside from working I also go to school. I want a baby but I know its too soon. Some things are better to wait for. We want to be completely secure before having a baby so that we can give him or her the best life possible. Listen, hun, go get a baby doll that cries and wets herself if you want to play Mommy, just please don't bring a baby in this world without the baby being made from a loving relationship and no means to support him or her.


truetoyou - May 26

i think that you should go for it and do what makes you happy as long as you are willing to take the responsibilites and consequeces. Start saveing money...that will also help you when the baby comes..as for time just keep trying and be patient


lyn - June 3

i got pregnant at 15 i don't regreat it but it made me grow up really fast now that i am older i really wish i could of waited im not with my daughter father any more and we don't get along with makes it really hard on my 7 yr old all i wont to say is that think thing throug before you make any life changing choices your going to do what you wont to do anyway and nobody is going to be able to change your mind but just stop and think of the baby if you will be able to take care of it and dont quit school i still grad with a child dont let it stop you please do listen to what people is telling you it life changing and not all ways for the better little babies cost alot of money and you shouldn't have ur parnets supportting your child wait till you find the right man to have a child with trust me on that one dont make the same mistakes i did


anon - June 3

you should take the advice of the people who have tried to give you a bit of their wisdom....its obvious you are determined to get pregnant, which is a bit selfish on your part as you are probably fully aware you wont be able to provide the best you possibly can for a child. children can't live on love alone. you will probably look back on these posts and realise what people are trying to get through to you, and say to yourself.....they were right!!! another reason is that at your age, it is a very high risk to get pregnant at your age as your womb isn't fully developed yet and you will have a greater chance of having a premature baby, which can bring about a whole lot of other problems for you.


emily - August 15

if you want a baby at the age of 15 how can u be a mother and work and go to school to learn , you want the best for you child but don't you think if you want the best you half to do the best for him or her , and you can;'t get that if you don't take care of your self now . and learn you can't replace a human for love you don't get from others . you half to love and be loved a baby can't give you that unitl you they are older and don' t you want to have a father for the baby not just some one who well lay down with you . any one can be a father but takes a speacil man to be a dad . so think about what you want for you but when you have a baby you are just not thinking about you any more . so think about your life and what you can do for your self .bcs once you have a child and you are pregnant there is one going back , no going out with freinds and doing things you used to do bcs you are a mother now . i should know been there done that . wait til you half to sale your things to have your baby to have food and diapers . and a roof over your head . then ask your self i should have done better . explain that one . thanks for your time you need family and friends and just be a kid you have time to grow up .



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