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seeta - June 3

i am 19 and tried to get pregnant two weeks ago and my period came yesterday. when is best time to try


AddysMummy - June 4

When you are mentally, physically, and financially stable ;D


Franny - June 4

The best time is when you are mature and stable enough, which you most likely not. Amen to AddysMummy.


Merciii - June 4

Depends on how long your cycle is. If its a normal 28 days then 14 days after the first day of your period. But if its longer... you usually ovulate roughly 14 days before your period starts


Teddyfinch - June 4

the best time to try is when you're mentally and financially ready. are you insane?


tish212 - June 10

ok to answer your question and not judge your ability to care for a child if you have a 28 day cycle day 12-16 are the most fertile days .... your temp will rise slightly maybe a degree or so (if you temp everymorning before you get up for the day) and you will have thin egg white like discharge instead of regular thick discharge... GL


Teddyfinch - June 11

oh heehee i'm just mocking her because she asked that to someone who she thought was too young and i think 19 is too young. but that's my opinion and not about everyone.


tish212 - June 11

i dont think 19 is too young, if at 18 you can vote for the US president and are considered a legal adult then why aren't you ready for parenthood...someone please let me know when this "magical" age hits... i was licensed at 19 for foster care....hmm that means the state felt i was capable of taking care of children at that age because financially and mentally i was ready.... on this one i think age is just a number... now if she were in high school or still living with mommy and daddy then i would say wait, but if she is on her own who is to say she isn't ready????


angelmonkey - June 12

im 18 and pregnant and was trying for 9months, i have my own place job ect but i do also see your point teddy there are some people that age that dont have jobs live with parents and dont even know how to cook


AddysMummy - June 12

I think SOME people are too young yes but if you graduate high school have a plan to go to college, have a good job, have your own place and CAN AFFORD a baby then alrighty but if you are still living with mommy and in school don't have a job and your little boyfriend doesn't either then you are being selfish.


ColtonsMommy07 - June 21

ok i have a job, in school and my boyfriend has his own business and live on our own with our 11 month old son i think ppl need to relax!!!!!!!!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 21

I'm 19 and pregnant with my second one, but I also have a husband who can support us all and I graduated high school, college got screwed over because they denied my attendence. But I am a SAHM...and I am doing great. If you aren't on your own, aren't in a stable relationship (not saying you need to be married but at least committed) and you have to rely on someone else in ANY way at ANY age you shouldn't have a baby. Not just younger people, but that applies for older people as well. No one should have a baby when they aren't ready



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