Wanting A Baby

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Elle - July 21

hey guys, is there any other teen out there wanting or trying to get pregnant??


Jess - May 28

Yea i want a baby cause i want something to love as my own


felicia - May 28

what are you thinking?? no no no no..i am 18 yrs old, and i work with kids, and i raised my little brother and sister, and im great with kids..i would STILL never want a kid this young. its not a good idea . what makes you think you are able financially and emotionally to handle a kid??..youre sadly mistaken if you think youll be fine with a baby and being a teen at the same time. rethink that for the kids sake, youre not whos important in this..its the child you being into the world


Mya - June 18

Hey I am an 16 year old mother of a 2 month old girl,It's not as fun as u think or wish , It's hard a__s hell, late nights, nothing be able to give ur baby what they really need, See I am going to school last year and high school, your friend and going to for get about u , no more free life, and ur will be on baby time , they will needs diffent thing at all times of the day and u must giving to them


shana - June 18

no. i already was. its really hard


jake - June 19

i am and have been wanting a child for a long time but am messing up some how?


shana - June 20

jake,( i love that name) you really are messing up. dont have any kids at all before you're grown. you'll love your child to death, but it's the hardest thing to take care of them and go to school at the same time.


Lizzie - June 20

Well my parents dont like none of us (me and my 3 older sis's and 2 younger bros) I dont know what a family is about, ours practically isnt. We never hug, say I love u, nothing. Our dad used to be abusive, my mom didnt care. My sis's want nothing to do with my parents, me niether but I have 2 more months b4 I can legally move out. I want a baby, I want someone to love, and hug. And someone of needs me, Iwant a family. I know I am not old enough though soo.


Shelly - June 21

Lizzie, You can have all those things in time. You will have much less of a chance of getting them if you have a baby at too young of age, with someon you're not experienced enough to know if you're right for eachother. Keep in mind what you want for your future when you're dating. Don't continue to go out with a guy that doesn't treat you right. You deserve a guy that respects you and treats you with loving care. Someone who will support a family by working hard. Someone who will not try to controll you, or limit what you can achieve. I have what you want in my marrige of 20 years. My children are happy and very loving tward me. They talk to me about everything, even their dates. Wait for the right time, you'll have it all too.


uhh - June 22

well looking at the other replies... if you need something to love.. get a dog,if your married , go ahead with baby making, i dont thinik yo ushould be tryin to have a kid before your 19 unless you actually have someone who will stay there to help and support you or wont chicken out, and it is better if they are stuck with you... yup


Amanda - June 29

yes!! me and my boyfriend are currently trying to get pregnant. we both have wanted a baby a feel that we are both ready regardless of our age. (he is 19 and i am 18)


Shea - June 29

Get a puppy. If you've never had full responsibility for a puppy, and been successful, you aren't ready for a baby. Having a baby is MUCH harder than having a puppy, but puppies aren't a piece of cake. You have to potty train them, which takes CONSTANT attention. You also have to train them and socilize them. It's a good place to start. If you aren't patient enough, and find yourself getting angry, you really aren't ready for a child. If you raise a puppy with your partner, you will see how well you agree on things and get along in the raising a responsible dog situation. The way you work together on this project will be a good indicator. This project will also give you a chance to get started on your college education. Try going to your community college at the same time. That ought to raise the stress level.


Julia - June 30

Actually I am 19 years old and when I was about 16 or so I thought it would be nice to have a baby to have something that was mine and couldn't get taken away. Well I am glad I didn't then because I will be 20 soon, I have a good career and I found out I was pregnant a few months ago. I am so scared its ridiculous. Well at least I have a job but I know it's going to be tough. Like they say, watch what you wish for...when it happens yeah you'll feel happy...but when the time gets nearer...you'll be stuck...Do you know the cost of having a baby? How about the cost to raise a baby? It's not a toy or a doll...it's your responsibility for 18 years and so on. Good Luck!!


ME - June 30

yeah.does anyone have any tips to get pregnant?plz help!!!!i`m 14


Boobear - July 1

Hi. To all the young girls who want to have a baby now and are under 17: I totally understand how you feel. You want to create a family, have something that will love you unconditionally. Its ok. But speaking from experience of feeling that way, waiting till you are a lil older would be better for you and for the baby. Im 21 yrs. old and wanted a baby since I was about 16. To create this lil family that I wanted. I don't have a baby yet. Im now trying for one though. Im glad I waited till I graduated high school and matured a bit. Love yourself first. It took me forever to do this, and I don't think that I completely do yet. Do things that make you feel beautiful and remember you are special. A man won't make you happy if you don't love yourself. So please wait a lil longer. If you ever need to talk email me personally. I would love to talk to you. [email protected]


jeni - July 12

yeh i kno how u feel completly i want a baby sooo bad but i also kno i want to be a good parent and in order to be a good parent you have to know what it takes to give your baby a good life. im not readdy to be a mother yet. im finishing school and getting a good job so that way i know my baby will have what it needs and will be happy! good luck


LilMamma - July 21

If you want something to love as your own, get a puppy. You're too young. Wait till your able to take care of yourself, then start thinking about taking care of a child.



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