We Found Out The Sex Its A

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Corrine321 - March 31

GIRL!! I wish i would of found out earlier, but she was being stuborn! So at my 28 week(3/30/06) ultra sound i found out! I was so happy! My boyfriend and I were so thrilled!! And her name is going to be Brooklynn (not sure on the middle name yet) but were very excited to see what she looks like!!


laacceeyy - April 1

How far along do you have to be until you can find out the gender? I am only 5 weeks.


Corrine321 - April 1

Lacey- you have to be about 20 weeks, but at my 20 week appt. she was being stuborn (legs were crossed) so we couldnt tell, but yeah around 20 weeks!


Channy - April 1

really? because i found out i was having a girl at 18 weeks..so it can be between 16-20 weeks..not just 20..


Corrine321 - April 1

I said around 20.. not just 20...


Family2be - April 2

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEWS!! Love the name you picked out!!


EricaG - April 2

Congrats Corrine! I'm having a little girl too :o) Lacey, The most opportune time to find the gender of the baby is between 18-22 weeks. Some people are able to find out before that or after that, but it is the best time. Any earlier than that, mistakes can be made more easily because the baby is not nearly as developed and any later than that the baby can be too big and not have enough room to move around a lot and show you the gender.


mharper - April 4

You are so luckie!! I and my u/s at 18 weeks, which was too early to tell! I have a really clear picture from the u/s of the babies face and it is really cute already! i can tell it has my nose and my husbands mouth! It looks like a girl.. thats what im hoping for!


Blackeye - April 10

Beautiful name you have chosen!! Love it! My baby is getting the name Emma if it is a girl and Thomas if it is a boy.


pregnantcowgirl - April 10

Congratulations on the baby girl I don’t know what mine will b I hope it’s a girl I love the name to



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