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ron - February 12

My 16 year old girl friend wants to get pregnant so he parents will kick her out. She want to move in with me. Im 18 and got an apartment after I graduated and started to work full time. We have been trying for 3 months to get pregnant, We have s_x as often as posible, nearly every night but have not got PG yet. What can we do to have a better chance of pregnancy?


to ron - February 13

Are you stupid!!!! i mean iam here to talk but are you stupid she still a baby. my god so are you it will ruin your life dont do it


becca - February 13

you are both really young but if thats what you really want then who are we to say dont you would jusy have to work out wen her days of ovulating are and then have s_x on those days as well for a even better chance of her becoming pregnant but u need 2 make sure you have enough money to suport they baby but i do sugest you wait till she has finished school because then she will have her education


KM - February 13

You want a child for all the wrong reasons. Obviously you are not mature or responsible enough to be parents yet. If she is 16, she doesn't need to be kicked out to move out. Why doesn't she finish school first and then move in with you? Living on your own and going to school is hard, trust me I've done it. Add a baby to your life, and I think her chances of finishing school are slim. How would you afford childcare? How will she do her homework with a baby screaming in the next room while you're working?Who says her parents would even kick her out if you got her pregnant? perhaps they would tell you they don't want to see you ever again. It's a shame that there are people like you who actually bring innocent babies into the world so they don't even have a chance at a good life.


Michelle - February 13

don't have s_x every night


What can you do? - February 13

Stop. Don't bring a child into the world that you can fully support, love and take care of on a daily basis. A 16 year old girl and even you at 18 still have so much more in the world to experience.


tiffani - February 13

What are you going to do when her parents are so mad that they press charges for statutory rape?


Rachel* - February 14

Exactly, tiffani. Ron, you are playing with fire here. Your girl friend should focus on finishing high school. I know that one or two years sounds like forever when you are a teenager, but believe me, the time will fly. Just wait! If she wants to move in with you that is one thing, but don't use a baby to make this happen.


2202 - February 14

the whole thing about statutory rape I just wanted to say that it depends on where you live ...in alabama the age of consent is 16


x-x-x-x - February 15

I agree with KM, you want a child for the wrong reason and a baby isn't easy. You have to give all your time up to it, love it, care for it.. think again.


Ron - February 22

It might be to late. My girl friend tossed her cookies this morning for no reason other than morning sickness. By the way she is more than a week late. When can we do a preg test?


Audrey - February 23

Ron- Have your girlfriend take a pregnancy test right away. If she's pregnant then you both have decisions to make. It will be hard to go to school and/or work and raise a child at the same time, but if you care about each other and want to make it work, then I wish you luck.


Ron - March 1

Well The test is positive. We are going to have a baby. When can the doctor confirm sally is pregnant. As soon as the doctor can verify our pregnancy wenwill tell her parents. If they kick sally out of the house she will move in with me.


lulu - March 2

What if the DON'T kick her out. Parents can surprise you- You might not get your way here.


Audrey - March 2

Ron- Her parents might not "kick her out" so you have to be prepared for that eventuality too. Parents can't legally force a kid to leave home until they're 18. However if Sally feels that her home life is so bad that she needs to get pregnant as an excuse to leave, I would suspect there's something else going on that you might not know about. Best wishes!


Ginger - March 2

I really hope that they don't call the police on you because that would be very bad for your future baby. The baby would be born and could not see you for 15-20 years. Hell, you could be a grandfather by the time you get out. Whatever you do, do NOT p__s off her parents!


aj - March 14

omg, u r crazy



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