We Want To Adopt A Baby

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Amanda - April 16

Hi there all my name is amanda. My husband and i have been trying for a year on fertility drugs to have a baby of our own and just last week i got another no I really want to have a child and we now have decided that we are going to look into adoption. We want to do a personal adoption and not go through an agency for a few reasons one is cause they are so expensive and the other is that allot of them are so in personal we are also willing to have an open adoption. we will let the child know who his real mom was if anyone is looking for a loving couple to take and love their baby more than anything in this world please email me @ [email protected]


Cheryl - April 16

Hi Amanda, if you need any help through the process or have questions you can email me [email protected] best wishes in your pursuit to adopt.


Amanda - April 18

Thank you i will email you sometime


Sarah - April 20

I hope you get one they are so wonderful. sorry to hear that you are having troubles conceiving


Amanda - April 22

Thank you soo much so fair we have not had any luck. But god will give us a baby I am sure of it


Sherry - May 28

My husband and I are in the same situation. We are a loving and very succesful couple with alot of love and more to offer a child. We go to Church and pray daily. We pray everyday that someone who needs help for their unborn baby to find us. We are willing to do as the birth Mother wishes. We would love her as well. If you're out there and are scared, please don't feel alone, email me at [email protected] and we can talk and work something out. EVERYTHING in life can be worked out especially if someone loves you!!


oh please - May 28

very succesful couple We go to Church and pray daily.


???? - May 28

interesting email sagitarius. What church do you attend and who do you pray to. I am a christian and I do not believe in horoscopes.


Megan - May 29

what difference does it make what church she goes to and who she prays to? the word "sagittarius" does not apply just to horoscopes...its also a constellation in the southern hemisphere near scorpius and capricorn. (just a quick science recap for you) maybe she likes astronomy.


Sherry - June 2

Thank You Megan for your support. The world needs more people like you! To the Christian who is harshly judging me for my email address, it was a recommendation of yahoo since all the names I chose were taken. Shame on you anyway, Christians do not judge others. I pray to God and we read from the Holy Bible if you must know. I am not ashamed of that and will pray for you. And yes, we are a successful couple and "they" too can attend Church and pray daily. I am so surprised that this forum offers such little compa__sion for those of us out there willing and ready to help, trust and love a complete stranger to try to make a difference in one's life. Maybe you should do a little soul searching to find out why you are harboring such anger and if you would like to talk or need help, write back here and I will happily send you my email address.



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