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amanda17 - November 26

{Feel free to make comments or suggestions if I'm going about this all wrong} So, I had to start weaning Ellie early because I developed blood blisters on my nipples from her teething. Today was day one. It. Was. Awful. It started at 11 o'clock this morning. Straight off the bat I gave her formula in a bottle, she hated it. Then I tried putting br___tmilk in the bottle. She hated it. Then I tried a special nipple that's supposed to be like a br___t. She hated it. Then I tried a sippy cup. She hated that too. I took her outside on a swing because that's her favorite thing to do and tried to feed her there. Again, she hated it. I gave her a bit of cereal with formula in it because at this point she had skipped a full meal. A while passes, she never stops crying. She skips 2 meals with only a bit of cereal and a few drops of formula and br___tmilk. Finally at about 2pm I tried the nipple shield to get her used to how plastic feels. She cried for about 10 minutes until she finally turned around and ATE! I thought she was going to starve herself to death! Now I have this 8 day plan. Day 1 and 2: Nipple shield only, no br___t. Day 3 and 4: Try giving her a bottle with br___tmilk while keeping her closer to my chest. Day 5 and 6: Replace br___tmilk with formula. Day 7 and 8: Introduce someone else feeding her. Cross your fingers because I don't know how many more days like this I can take!


Malica - November 26

I've heard a number of people say having someone else give them the bottle is much easier than mom trying to feed them with a bottle (even if it's b___st milk) as they know mom has the 'real thing' right there and they'll do their darnest to hold out for the b___st when it's right there. Something to consider...


amanda17 - November 27

Yeah I actually tried that too but onLy for 10 minutes because she started crying even harder (how that was possible I don't know haha) and my grandma is a big push-over so she started begging me "Just give her your b___st!!"


guccigal87 - November 27

just keep it up, it will get easier! umm i used to bottle feed austin like i was actually b___st feeding. Im not sure what position you hold her in but i would have his stomache right across my belly and hold the bottle with my chin. They get used to it but they are stubborn and want what they want and nothing else. dont worry about her starving herself, it is human nature that if you are really hungry you will eat no matter what it is. just keep pushing the bottle and soon she will realise that she has to take it to eat. Also dont do formula in the bottle right away because she can tell its different adn will think the bottle only has formula. its weird my son will only drink certain things in certain cups.


Brenna - November 27

Why don't you let your nipples heal and then just start b___stfeeding again?My daughter weaned herself at 14 months,and she had several teeth by then.She only tried to bite me a few times,at which point I told her No firmly,and if she didn't quit I would smack her leg,she soon learned I was not her personal teether.If you do decide to keep weaning her,she won't starve,she'll eat when she is hungry enough


amanda17 - November 27

guccigal- Thanks, I also tried that but she kept turning her head away. I was at it for hours so I tried everything. She doesn't seem to mind the taste of formula at all. I gave it to her in her cereal (just a tinnnyy bit of cereal, mostly formula) and she took to it really well. I think she just hates the nipple on the bottle. Brenna- I thought about waiting for them to heal and starting back up again but she was due to stop b___stfeeding in a week anyway because I'm starting college. So I figured what difference is a week gonna make?


Teddyfinch - November 28

the baby will eat when they get hungry enough. sounds horrible but it's worked for a lot of women. good luck, tho cuz i know if i was in the same spot i'd be desperate for my baby to eat too.


durante baby - November 28

What i did eventhough it is a little late for this now (but it worked like a charm so keep it in mind for when you have another) From the time i gave birth to my lo I would very rarly but occasionally feed him bm from a bottle, then once my supply ran down a bit i started giving him formula in subst_tute for the bm in the bottle.i did that EVERY week 1-2 sometimes 3 times a week just so dh could have the joy of feeding him as well, and it made the weaning process like it was nothing. I was more sad that i wasnt b___st feeding anymore then he was.....No seriously everytime for about a week that we fed him i cried cause i wasnt b___st feeding anymore...but it is SO much better then teething and blood blisters.


amanda17 - November 28

I have been feeding her from a bottle regularly, she took it when she was a newborn but when she was about 3 weeks old (when I stopped using a nipple shield) she stopped eating from it completely. Before I tried to give it to her as an actual meal she would use it as a teething toy but never actually drank out of it. Today she did rather well with the bottle, she seems to like that she can look at things and eat at the same time. She was still unhappy though. If my plan doesn't work I'm probably going to have to just wait until she's really really hungry. I'm definitely not looking forward to it though. The day I posted this I could hear her little tummy grumble I was so sad :(


durante baby - November 28

aww her tummy how cute but sad!...Well good luck, it will suck but you will make it through it before you know it, then your next opsticle will be potty training...lol


amanda17 - November 28

Today was the first day of bottle feeding and it went better than expected (though still bad) She had one ounce in the morning, one ounce in the afternoon (along with a bit more cereal than normal) then two ounces before she went to bed. Not very much at all but at least she's taking it. I pretty much spent the entire day trying to feed her.


V9653 - November 29

I honesetly didn't have a whole lot of problems with weaning, I just found a problem with formula. When I first gave him formula he ate it, and it was just during a time when I ended up in the hospital and was being pumped full of meds and having tests run on me, and I had my mom try to give him formula when he was about Ellie's age-he took it because he really went like the whole day without eating. Well when I purposely started trying to add formula bottles into our feeding schedule-GOD did he have a fit!!! I don't remember what made me try a different formula, but I did and he took it, and I gave the other formula to a family member with a much less picky baby. If you taste the formulas, you may be able to pick out what may work best for her. The one I had originally came from a free sample set that was sent to me from being on a baby registry. I think it was enfamil. It tastes like some kind of pet milk or something. It tasted like how dog food smells. So I went online and found a sample pack of different formulas and tried them, and finally ened up buying a sample size of similac and he took to it. If you taste that yourself you'll notice a sweeter taste like b___stmilk. I don't know if that would help, but if it comes down to it then it's worth a try.


amanda17 - November 29

Damnit I just threw away this huge box of Similac free samples. They would have lasted me months! I've been using Enfamil which I agree smells awful.


amanda17 - November 29

Day three: I'm absolutely in tears. I was so persistent with the bottle just trying to get her to suck on it for one second. Now she's weak, a little bit sick and noticeably thinner. I'm giving up. I don't know what's going to happen when I have to go to school, but I guess I'll have to worry about that when the time comes. It's only been three days but really she has shown no progress at all. Even with b___stfeeding along with weaning she's skipping meals. She won't take it unless she's near fainting, and even then it's only an ounce.


V9653 - November 30

Sweetie you have to relax! She's old enough now that I doubt she is going to faint after missing one meal. When do you have to go back to school? I'm asking because there seems to be a deadline and I'm wondering if it's days, weeks, or months away. If it's soon then adjustments might need to be made, if it's months from now or even weeks from now, you can't think you're completely out on this one. Also, have you ever pumped your milk and gave her the bottle? If so how has she taken to it? If you haven't then really that would be the first step in weaning her. You may have to get up a milk supply and have it stored for being away from her. Over time you can try a scoop in the b___stmilk (which is what I did a handful of times) and move on from there. Keep me posted on how things work-I'm pretty sure with all of us working together, we can get this sorted out, so really don't sweat it honey!


amanda17 - November 30

She was feeling really c___ppy and hungry, everyone agreed that I should give up because she looked so sickly. I have given her the bottle with b___stmilk and she didn't like it. After I posted that I started thinking why did she take so well to the spoon and not the bottle? I came up with that it's partially because she sees other people using spoons, then I remembered her always trying to grab for my nephew's special weird half bottle half sippy cup thingys... So I borrowed two of those, put one with formula in it and the other with soy milk in it. I first drank out of the soy milk one and pretended that it was the best tasting thing in the world. I really had to exaggerate it like "MMMM DELICIOUS YOU ARE SOOO MISSING OUT!" then she started acting like she wanted to drink some and took to it pretty well. She didn't like the taste of formula though so she didn't have too much. Today I'm going to put b___stmilk in it and do the same thing to see how she likes it. If she takes well to it with b___stmilk I'll start mixing in a bit of formula with it over a period of time to get her used to it. I don't start 'school' until Spring but I have a job starting December 9th.


V9653 - December 1

Well then it won't be so bad. You have some time to at least get her used to getting enough in her for you to not worry about her starving while you work, and I bet you anything by the time school rolls around this whole thing will be figured out. But just remember, if she acts funny with the formula, it may just be the brand, and you might have a way easier time with a sweeter tasting and smelling brand. Similac is pretty sweet, while enfamil is pretty tart and pet food tasting. Our b___stmilk is sweet, so it's a given that they might not jump into a formula that tastes so different from the b___stmilk.



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