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CMAgrad07 - January 12

Okay, I'm waiting either tomorrow or Sunday to take a pregnancy test as some people suggested. But I've been having weird things going on with me. I am having major mood swings...I get cranky in the mornings and emotional during the days. I haven't cried or anything but I get really sensitive about the dumbest things. I am sleepy throughout most of the day and I make a list of the things I need to get done when I get off of work, all I do is go home and go to bed. The other thing thats happened only the past 3 days but occurs often is I get shortness of breath. Just sitting here I feel like I've been working out and my heart rates really high or something. When I stand up and walk around it's the same thing; like my blood pressure has raised. I walked into the director's office and she asked me if I was hot because my face was extremely red. I was actually cold but I guess it was from blood rushing to my head??... I don't know, do these have anything to do with pregnancy??


tennesseewlkr07 - January 12

The fatigue and the mood swings maybe, but the racing heart and dizziness i dont think so. If you dont even know you are pregnant yet then that means its really early in your pregnancy and the mood swings may not even be from being pregnant, good luck i hope you feel better


sahara - January 12

well i don't really know exactly what to tell you, but as of now i am pregnant, what i have read about and know from m own knowledge is that there will be dizziness, frequent nathroom usage, and b___st tenderness, all of this has happened to me, but i advise that before you take a pregnancy test make sure that you have missed a period because thats the first thing the doctors will ask is " when was your last menstural cycle", all i can say is good luck and i wih you the best, if you need anmmore help, just ask


Meghan - January 12

actually, dizziness is a sign of early pregnancy. I know a girl who found out she was pregnant because she had fainted and was concerned about it. you do get an increase of blood flow throught your body when pregnant so I would definatly take a test, if it comes back neg go to the doctor and make your you are not diabetic or something. good luck and let us know!!


Grandpa Viv - January 12

Pregnancy hormones affect the long muscles of the gut, changing the way food moves through, and resulting in heartburn, ga__sy either end, constipation or diarrhea. The diaphragm under your lungs is also affected, resulting in shortness of breath, especially when exercising. Hormone surges cause hot flashes, just as at menopause. Veins dilate, becoming more prominent on the b___st and sometimes causing flushing (don't need rouge). Chadwick's sign (purple tinge to labia and v____a) is caused by the same phenom. Tired and emotional are big time signs. Also more peeing, lotion discharge, slight nausea and dizziness, runny nose, acne, vivid dreams etc. Test first morning pee when you are sure a regular period is missing. Good luck!


CMAgrad07 - January 26

I know I haven't kept anyone updated so I'm sorry. You guys suggested that I take another pregnancy test soon after the first Negative one I took because some said it was early. I haven't done that yet... My fiance and I are trying to get pregnant but I guess I'm scared I'm going to disappoint him if I'm not...And I'm scared of getting my hopes up cause I really want this too...We're getting married in April and he's leaving for Iraq soon after that...Being a mom is something I've always wanted...I guess I'm just scared to take it and be disappointed myself. Symptoms are here though you know? I def. have fatigue, ga__sy, nausea, headaches, the areolas on my b___sts are extremely swollen in the mornings...well thats the only time I really see them anyways lol...If I am then I'd be about 5 weeks right now and I don't know if it's too early for cravings or eating more, but I'm like a bottomless pit. I'm not really asking anyone if I'm pregnant, just has anyone been scared of not being pregnant when they really wanted it so they avoided testing??...It's something we both really want and I just don't want to let him down I guess...


hailey07 - January 26

Don't feel so bad, and don't worry about letting your fiance down. It's normal for women to get excited at the thought of being pregnant and its normal for their partners to do the same. You should try to think of something else, maybe try and makes some more plans for your wedding or try and fight the fatigue enough to go somewhere with your fiance. I know how you feel though. My boyfriend and I are going through a miscarriage and even though the baby was a surprise, we started to get excited, and it was a huge disappointment when we found out the baby wouldn't make it. It will be another few years before we plan for a pregnancy and I often worry that I will not be able to have another baby, and I worry about disappointing my husband (wow it's weird to type husband in reference to my boyfriend!) So you see, good things can come from these little scares and mishaps, our baby allowed my boyfriend and I to realize how much we want to be married, and I'm sure that you and your fiance will grow from this experience too... whether the outcome be a pregnancy and a baby, or just another opportunity to try again. Hope this all made sense, and best of luck for a happy healthy baby!


CMAgrad07 - January 26

: ) yes that did help.. I have alot of wedding plans going on as it is but it seems like all of it together is stressing me out...I wish the both of you a healthy pregnancy when you do start trying : ) Thank you.


Grandpa Viv - January 26

CMA, make him a happy man and take a test tomorrow morning first am pee, dip method. Good luck!


Amanda18 - January 26

Never had a problem being scared to test. I'd always start testing too early and bought tests I knew gave a lot of evap lines so I could hope (I'm messed up in the head lol). Don't feel like your letting anyone down by not being pregnant (hope you are but if not). It's such an exacting process and even if you get everything perfect you only have a 20-25% chance every cycle. You would just have to try again and that's fun (atleast for a couple months). Good luck! Test soon.



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