Weirded Out Please Help

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laughoutloud - October 5

ok, so i know i shouldn't be so worried or anything, but i'm one of those girls who has her menstrual count down to a T, and this month my period is 3 days early and as light as it would be on my second to last day. AND, ever since i can remember i've gotten severe cramps the first two days of my period, but none this time. i'm usually energetic, but now i'm zoned-out and tired all the time. i couldn't eat at waffle house yesterday, cause the thought of it made me want to throw up. i'm bloated.... i just feel blah. but i looked it up on the internet and you can still have somewhat of a period in early preganacy...does anyone think that i'm pregnant? maybe? cause i'm saving money up for school, so i dont want to buy an expensive pregnancy test if i dont have to..


Stephanie_31 - October 5

They sell pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree and they are just as good as any other test.


HeavenisMine - October 5

Get a cheap test, they work, trust me....actually I got two expensive ones that were duds. Meaning they didn't give me results.


Krissy25 - October 5

I used a brand called Answer, it's a cheaper brand and i got my positve only 9 days after ovulation so it's pretty accurate and it's easy to use too.


laughoutloud - October 5

thanks guys...i guess ya'll think i have a good reason to buy one, huh? lol... i'm scared sh*tless. i guess i'll try out you guys' suggestions. i knew it was a sign that everyone kept coming to my register to buy their babies' clothes! (I work at kohl's). oh yeah, and today is the second day that i've had my period, and it's already letting up. barely even coming out. i usualy last 5 days. something's up!!


GimmeaBub - October 5

I used clear blue and First response, I found they were the best 1's for me. But i dont think it matters, Goodluck with it


kendra.marie - October 5

i used clear blue & first response all negative then i took the cheap dollar store ones & they worked just depends. id buy cheap ones first if its negative tis only a dollar waisted instead of 6.00. yah know doesnt matter tho.


laughoutloud - October 6

thanks guys, i bought the dollar store ones and one said negative :/.... but i'm saving the other for tomorrow morning. ummmmmm, i think i would only be like 3 weeks pregnant, is that too early to test? i did one of those online pregnancy test



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