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amanda17 - January 2

I'm engaged (again)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


newbaby2009 - January 2

Congrats!! (again, lol)


guccigal87 - January 3

CONGRATS HUNN!!!! you may not have gotten it on christmas eve BUT YOU GOT IT and thats all that matters, was it on new years eve, and romantic and cute and HELLO DETAILS! not just hey i did it!


V9653 - January 3

Aww, The exact news I needed to hear. Happy New Year!


amanda17 - January 3

Haha I posted this like moments after he did it :) I was so excited! He did it on Ellie's 7 month birthday :) So here's the story... He gave me some money and he told me to go out and buy something nice to wear... I thought it would be for a birthday party we're going to, so that obvious hint totally blew over my head. When I came home there were rose petals EVERYWHERE! They were making a path into the kitchen, and as if I wouldn't have gotten that hint he wrote a note that said "Get dressed and meet me in the kitchen. I had to get dressed in the bathroom because all the doors leading to my room were shut haha. Anyway I got dressed and went to the kitchen where he was setting the table. He had roses and candles set up all around it, and the napkins were folded in the shape of hearts. He cooked me honey ham, mashed potatoes, and steamed dill carrots (my favorite) then for desert we had white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. After desert I followed more rose petals into my room and there were candles surrounding my bed, and more rose petals (they are sweet but a b___h to clean up... luckily he did the cleaning haha) anyway I sat on my bed, he took my hands and said he loved me, then took out a piece of paper that he wrote what he was gonna say on... he had this whole little speech about how happy I've made him and stuff. Then he got down on one knee and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes, kissed him... Then Ellie started crying hahaha


JT1118 - January 3

congrads on your engagement! you give such good advice to people who are pregnant at a young age....for example me, i'm 14 and a month into the pregnancy.


V9653 - January 4

WOW! My mind is b__wn! R U SURE? Does that kind of stuff really happen? Are men actually able to use their brains to come up with such sweetness and not look like they are half-heartedly replaying something they saw on a movie? I wonder if I'm worthy of such a guy......hmmm...


amanda17 - January 4

Haha funny you should say that because a few weeks ago I went on his computer and looked in his history to find a link I was looking for, and he was looking at "How to propose" websites :P


amanda17 - January 4

And thank you JT.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - January 4

Congrats! That is beautiful and wonderful!


amanda17 - January 4

Thanks Tess :D


V9653 - January 5

Well at least he went ahead and burned the calories to even think to look, and get off his b___t to do it. I can forgive a guy who is just lost, I have a problem with getting any kind of effort. My ex knew I loved the movie Say Anythng, and he knew I listened to that song Niki FM by Hawthorne Heights constantly through our previous breakup. So when he decided it was time to propose he told me about it because he was trying to prove our relationship was going somewhere.The next day he came from work, knocked on the door and very lazily held a stereo that wouldn't work for him. It was sad and pathetic. He bought a dud cd stereo, and a peter gabriel so hecould play "in your eyes." Anyways, he comes in all frustrated and I try to calm him down and tell him to just finish what he started, and he said, "that was it!" No ring, no actual asking..........Dude he didn't even put the effort to put the boombox over his head like John Cusack did!!! LOL! We broke up two more times before I got a ring. Broke up again and just considered ourselves engaged after a few good months. So Harold shoudn't lose any cool points. Guys need help! LOL! Hope all that made sense. I'm off myself from a litte bubbly!


amanda17 - January 5

Hahaha. Woww.. I thought it was kind of cute he was researching it.. it shows he wanted it to be perfect, even if the perfect idea wasn't something he had personally thought up.


amanda17 - January 5

Haha thanks gucci ^_^



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