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high school teacher - April 18

Some of you who are getting called names and things, This could be due to the fact that you sound uneducated. First of all I think before you learn how to make babies you should first learn how to spell and communicate better. You seem to be lacking in a lot of skills that are important in life so how do you expect to raise children. Are they going to be as uneducated and ignorant as you? Probably. They will probably start having babies in their teens too. this is not directed at all the girls on this site only the ignorant ones.


N/A - April 18

I don't think that you are realy a teacher. If you were you would say that the yong mothers should stay in school,but you're not. You're telling us we sound stupid and you're calling us names. Now what kind of teacher would do that? Just so that you know my child will go to school and be very smart, I want my child to be better then me. Also I'm still educating my self thank you very much. So instead of calling us all uneducated and ignorant, why don't you try to encourage us!


Tay - April 18

Firstly, I'm not uneducated. You sound like the uneducated one. I did not plan on getting pregnant. You word usage stinks. You also are switching back from pa__sive and active voice. Teacher, deffinately not.


Lisa - April 18

I am sure that for a lot the girls that come here, their education is still important to them.They are young and still have many years ahead of them to embark on study courses later on. I seriously doubt that because they haven't all finished schooling, it won't inhibit their ability to love and nuture their children while their babies are still young and need full time care.


haha - April 18

to oh please thank you so much i was going to respond myself about i think you did that for the both of us. i think the high school teacher needs to take some of her own advice she needs to be educated on how to talk to kids obviously she has none of her own.


becca - April 19

i'm not very clever but i still try my hardist in all my studies and i'm raising my child brilliantly even if i do say so myself so i think you stand corrected:)


student @ whittier - May 3

i can see where u r coming from but maybe u should consider the situation behind the pregnancy because not all girls get pregnant on purse or because they want to there are many other reasons why teen girls get pregnant.



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