What Am I Supposed To Do

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daisy_bean01 - January 30

I'm 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I got an ultrasound about 2 weeks ago. No one used to know except for me and my dad but my brother found the ultrasound prints and now I just know he's going to tell everyone and I don't know what to do! I mean if my mom knows I've been going out with some guy that's half older than me she's gonna flip and that can't happen or I'll get kicked out!Will someone please help??


KaseyA - January 30

I'm 15 weeks and 4days hehe.In my opinnion its better to let your mom hear the news from you rather than being told by someone else or finding out on her own. Legally your mom can't kick you out if you are under age so just be honest with her. She may be upset but she loves you and she is only going to want whats best for you. A baby is such a miracle, she wont stay mad. You can email me at kaseyk122 at verizon.net. Good Luck


SaraH - January 30

I'm a__suming you're living w/ your mom since you said you're afraid you could get kicked out? If that is the case and you see your mom regularily she's going to fine out anyways, and I would think that it would be better to tell her now before she figures it out or someone else tells her. While I'm sure she will be upset, but she will probably come around and you will need her for suport through this. Good luck.


daisy_bean01 - January 30

Thanks for the replies, really, but I find it extremely hard to bring it up. I mean what do I say 'hey mom, can you pa__s the salt and by the way you'll be a grandma in about 6 months or so'??? God, so she can't kick me out if I'm 14? I sure hope that's true...


PromiseJubilee - January 30

daisy, I remember when I was trying to tell my mom I was pregnant (I miscarried), my BOYfriend was the one that was freaking out! I just wrote a letter. Of course, I was a nanny at the time and didn't live with her, so I know that must be different... anyway, all I wanted to say was if you wanted to email me and talk about it or anything, my email is promie at gmail dot com


SaraH - January 31

As suggested above a letter might be the easiest way, but if you go that rout I'd be present while she read it so that you can get it all out in the open at once. If you don't want to write a letter, maybe your b/f or father could be present w/ you when you tell her for some support? If that isn't a possibility, then just tell her "mom I need to talk to you. Can we sit down and talk after dinner/ school/when you get home from work/etc" -whenever you think would be a good time. That is probably about the best you can do. I know it will be really hard but you will have to do it at some pt and honestly it is not going to be any easier to tell her later then it is going to be now. GL


daisy_bean01 - January 31

Well, I finally told her and, of course, it didn't go exactly well. She kicked me and my dad out, so I'm spending the night at my boyfriend's house. I'm glad I told her, even if she hates me now. =]



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