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Brittany - February 16

im 15 and me and my boy freind had s_x on Febuary 9 and my last period was January 25..i havent missed my period yet so im not 100% sure that im pregnant but its like i KNOW that i am..i cant explain it but i have a weird feeling.I have been looking up websites and it says i ovualted on the 10th and we had s_x on the 9th late at night..so practically the 10th..i was just wondering if any one could help me out and tell me what they think and what are my chances of being pregnant!i actually would be pretty happy..my best friend has a baby and her babys father isnt there and shes doing just fine..and my babys father would be there..i mean we have been together for 2 years and he wants a baby and he has a very good job and he is very responsible but thanks for your time and tell me what ya think


Rhonda - February 16

The chances of pregnancy are very high if you had s_x on the day of ovulation, but honey at your age there is a lot more to life than babies. You and your boyfriend have so much to look forward to, just because your friend is doing fine doesn't mean you can't do better. Try to imagine how much more you will be able to offer a child when you are older, a little wiser and a lot more financially secure, I'm pretty sure most young girls can manage but if your not pregnant this time please have a little think about it. Go babysitting for your friend and I mean overnight not just a couple of hours then you'll see it's not all cuddles and giggles. It's pretty tiring, very much worth it but please wait till your older.Good Luck. Let us know how you get on. Oh and you think 2 years is a long time now but I was with my boyfriend for 9 years before I married him and it still seems like yesterday when we met.


Britt - February 16

To Rhonda:thanks for answering my question i really appreciate it!but theres a couple of things i need to say..when i said i would be happy i didnt mean i want a baby or i was tryin to have one..what i mean whas if i was pregnant im not going to get all mad about im just going to be happy because theres nothing else i could do about it,i wouldnt have an abortion and i couldnt give my baby up for adoption so my only other choice would be to keep it.And everything happends for a reason so if i was then thats what God planned for me!and how you told me to babysit my friends baby overnight..i have,i have watched him for a week when she went out of town with her grandparents,and yes,its was frustrating im not sayin it wasnt or wouldnt be!but thanks again


Rhonda - February 16

Sorry Britt I mistook what you were saying, your brave, very mature and polite. Good Luck Honey.


Lynn - February 17

Its sounds like your chances are really high!Good Luck


Brittany - February 17

Thanks to the people that answered my question!But does any one else have any answers?


becca - February 17

theres always achance af being pregnant when having s_x



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