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invisiblepress18 - January 18

Hey I'm new at this so please excuse me. I'm 18 and I'm engaged. We aren't trying to have a baby, if it happens it happens and we are happy either way because we can support the baby. My question is I was on Kariva progestin-only pill for 3 years and recently wen off it for five months. I had a period in August and October but not since then. I started the pills Jan. 3rd and I had unprotected s_x the 14th. On the 14th I thought I took my pill but later that night I found it and took it then. From what I've been reading it says its only effective for 24 hours. Does anyone know anything about this and what do you think my chances are that I could possible get pregnant from this? I know its too early to tell anything but just wondering what your opinions are. I didn't get thinking of it till the other day.


CAROL - January 18

I would say that there is a chance, since you missed a pill somewhat close to ovulation time. Sperm can live for days, so if your body released an egg, there can be some boys waiting there to do their job. You probably aren't pregnant, but if you finish this round of pills and don't have a period, take a test.


invisiblepress18 - January 18

See I also missed the next days pill. I don't know if that has any effect but I didn't take the pill till late on the day I had s_x and missed the next days pill. I'm just wondering because I had the stretchy discharge the last couple days and slight cramping on my left side today. But who knows. Thank you for your help. Anyone else, your opinion is well needed.


Amanda18 - January 18

Didnt your doctor tell you to use a back up birthcontol since it doesnt kick in fully for 2-4 weeks? Missing pills and not using condoms for the first month can result in pregnancy. Now your just have to wait until af is due to find out.


invisiblepress18 - January 18

no she never mentioned anything about backup methods and I've been searching to figure out how long you should use them. I've only been on the pill since my five months break for 13 days when I had s_x. So its been two weeks today.


invisiblepress18 - January 18

okay I just calculated that out wrong, I was on for 12 days when I had s_x and its been 14day on the pill today. So it was just the other night, I was just wondering what my chances are. Thank you and I'll wait and let you know.


Julie23 - January 18

I was on a weak form of birth control (aleese) and I was allowed to miss 3 pills before needing to discard the pack and start a new pack. Your chances of the pill working decrease when you miss a pill but my doctor had said the chances of getting pregnant we're still slim if I only missed 2 days. I know it's imparitive to take the mini pill not only every day but the same time every day, I'm not totally sure about the type of pill your on, but I wouldn't worry just yet, just try to remember to take it.


invisiblepress18 - January 21

hey well I haven't found out much more about this. I'm just waiting to see if AF comes or not. Let me know if you know anything about birth control. My friend who is a nurse said that bc usually won't work to the full potential during the first month and you have more of a chance with progestin only pill. This is my first month back on and I'm just curious



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