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just somebody - January 9

What are the chances of sperm surviving and good enough to cause pregnancy if: (1) there was contact with p__s and MAYBE (not sure) with semen with hands, (2) that person took a bath with soap and shampoo on his hands, (3) put petroleum jelly on his hands (4) he sticked his fingers in a girl two to three hours after the time he took a bath?


billie - January 9

next to none... 1. "maybe" contact is already weak 2. Water and soap... sperm must be made of IRON to survive that 3. jelly that isnt water based dilutes the sperm and 4. three hours is long, though sperm can be long-living suckers. im pretty sure theres little to VERY LITTLE NONE chance of that working.


just somebody - January 9

Oh gee thanks. Any other people want to add?


just somebody - January 9

Any other opinions people?


No chance - January 10

If you didn't even know if there was s____n on your / his hands, then there couldn't have been very much meaning lots less sperm (1). Hot / warm water, soap, and shampoo will all kill sperm. They cannot survive when exposed to things like that. Sperm are only made to survive inside a woman's body and tend to be fairly fragile in other environments. (2) Petroleum jelly would act like glue to sperm. Not only would the ingredients in vaseline kill sperm, but the consistency of it would stop the sperm from being able to swim and "glue" them in place (ie: killing them). (3) Finally, 3 hrs. is a ridiculous amount of time for sperm to survive on someone's hands, through a shower, shampooing, drying off, etc...(4) The odds of you conceiving under these circ_mstances are NONE. Learn from your scare and get some condoms for the next time!


courtney - January 11

lol, not trying to be an idiot, or get off the actual question, but i wuld HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest not letting a guy put vaseline anywhere near inside you. it is water saluable, and can cause a very very nasty infection. which means that water wont wash it away, and it can get clogged up in there....gagh!


Jbear - January 11

There's no chance at all. Courtney is right about the vaseline, it is not water-soluble and can trap germs. And for all the moms-to-be, that's why you shouldn't use vaseline on baby's diaper rash either.



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