What Are The Chances I M Pregnant

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Cathy - February 19

I need to know what are the chances that I'm pregnant. I was put on the pill on my 14th birthday bewcause my older sister got pregnant when she was 15 and started having s_x when she was 14. So my mom put me on the pill so I would not get pregnant. 3 months ago I turned 16 and stopped taking the pill as I was still a virgin. I have a steady 18 year old boy friend but we never had s_x. Well on valentines day we had s_x. He didn't c_m inside of me. Last night we had s_x twice and he release c_m inside me both times. My last period ended on 8 February. I know it is possible to get pregnant . I can't get emergency conterception until Monday as the local clinic is closed and by the time I can get it it's to late for it to work. What are the chances that I will get pregnant from our night of passion?


Toni Bull - February 19

Were u taking the pill or not? the story is a bit unclear sorry. If you werent then it is HIGHLY likely you are.


Cathy - February 19

I stopped taking the pill 3 months ago. Are you sure I'm highly likely to be pregnant? It took my sister over a year to get pregnant and I've only had s_x three times.


j - February 19

You can still get emergency pill it should work as long as u take it within 3-5 days of unproteceted intercourse,that is what i know.If u do not want kids u should get on bc


Grandpa Viv - February 19

The nearest Planned Parenthood clinic is at 1-800-230-PLAN and there is a database of emergency contraception providers at http://ec.princeton.edu/ Getting pregnant is not a matter of how many times, but when in the month, and you came close to hitting the nail on the head with your probable ovualtion date. Since your mom is open to conversation on this topic, you need to get her involved stat. Today would be best for EC, but Monday is not to late to make it worth a try. Good luck.


rachael - February 21

If you'd stopped taking the pill when you had unprotected s_x, yes, you're likely to have become pregnant. Remember, you can get the emergency contraceptive pill up to 72 hours following your "night of pa__sion"-so you've got 3 days. If you can't manage to get to your clinic, go to your doctor/GP, explain that it's an emergancy. If you don't want a baby, then DON'T leave it, it's better to be safe than sorry. And in future, use a condom or take your pill!!


janet - February 22

sounds like you want to get pregnate. if you recently stopped taking the pill you are probably not pregnate. quit being stupid and dont let boys c_m in you. finish school first!!!!!!!!!


lisa - February 22

dont break your parents heart like your sister did. i am sure they have enough problems already. dont have s_x. think about other people around you. you better hope you are not pregnate b/c i promise you, you will regret it!!!!!



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