What Are The Chances My Girlfriends Pregnant

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Tyler - March 5

Ok, me and my girlfriend have been going out for 6 months and have not had s_x nor do we intend to til were married but we like to expiriment with other stuff to stay ocuppied like ive stuck it in a few times, making sure the c_m was cleaned off and im relatively sure ive done a good job of that and weve only done this twice since her last period. Anyways, ive never even prec_mmed in her at all...much less ejaculated and shes now 6 days late on her period and im worried. should i be concerned about this?


Tyler - March 5

also..she had bleeding that was light and wasnt her period which worries me even more...Its really gonna suck if she is seeing as we barely even did anything at all...


Grandpa Viv - March 5

Many women have early signs of pregnancy that start even before the missed period. Check the Am I Pregnant link to the left. If she has no signs other than an odd period, you may be in good shape. Which said, v____a-p___s contact after you c_m and clean is not good practice. There's bound to a little s____n still in the urethra that can leak out. Even before you c_m there is a chance. Use v____al spermicide as backup for fooling around. Use it as backup for condoms once you start with penetrating s_x. Stay away from her fertile window Days 8-16 of a 28 day cycle.


becca - March 5

i doubt she is but you can never be totally sure can u if your really that worried buy i pregnancy test and see what happens


amanda - March 6

even if you didnt c_m you could of still got her pregnant with your pre c_m. when you stick your p___s into a girl without protection you can get her pregnant


Lo - March 6

she very well could be pregnant... i mean if she had bleeding a couple days after you went in her then it could be implantation bleeding meaning the sperm is meeting the egg and implanting itsself to the utereus... have her take a pregnancy test now since shes 6 days late if she took it now it would show up for sure



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