What Are The Chances Of Me Getting Pregnant

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idontknow123 - July 4

okayy heres the thing i've been having s_x with my boyfriend for a few months now & i have been diagnosed with pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrom) for those who don't know what that is it's a syndrom where its possible that i could never have children which even though i am young (16) its devastating to think that i could never have kids not that im ready for them now well anyways i was put on the birth control pill YAZ its fairly new a low-dose hormone level similar to Yasmin its like sister pill but anyways i was on YAZ for 7 days and me & my boyfriend had unprotected s_x twice on the 8th day & then a third time on the 10th day ; does anyone know how much of a chance there is that i could be pregnant. now i don't show any of the signs its jsut that im a little worried that i should have waited to beon the pill a whole cycle before i risked this i mean we plan to use condoms still but sometimes things happen. i was just wondering if anyone had any idea of how likely it would be for me to get pregnant?


not-falling - July 4

hey.. im 17 and im 16 weeks pregnant!!.... i used to use yasmin (dont worry, i got pregnant when i came off the pill and starting using the withdrawal method).. anyway, to answer your question, if you start taking the pill teh FIRST day of your period and keep taking it properly. your protected from that first day.. as the pill doesnt allow an egg to be matured and released... im sorry to hear about the PCOS.. but dont try and stress to much, my aunty had that, and now she has 4 children, her first on IVF and the rest she fell pregnant with naturally...you realise your not ready for children yet, although you want them later in life.. your doing the right thing by being careful until your really ready! good girl! :P.... im scared to death about my little one.... If it’s a girl im calling her lexi or hailey, boy im calling him hayden or seth... haha sorry if im rambling... hope i answered your question!



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