What Are The Chances That I M Pregnant HELP ASAP

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Stacy - May 30

Hi!Thank you for reading this question. I'm sixteen,young I know:(but I need your help.I feel 99% sure that I'm pregnant.I got my period 2days late and it never is...it also lasts 5 days and the last month it only lasted 3!i feel extra tired lately,weird sensations in the stomach my stomach is getting a little bigger and harder.i get dizzy and major headaches a lot...but they are now fading off. My boyfriend and I have s_x almost everyday and we have been for about 7months using the withdrawal method.What are the chances that I'm pregnant or I just think I am and making myself think I am?Please help!thank you


rainbow - May 30

if u've been having s_x for 7 monthes with the withdrawal method, than yes, u most definitly could be pregnant! And an irregular period could have just been implantation bleeding. Any other symptoms? like feeling nautious or anything? I think u should either take a pregnancy test, or wait and see if u miss ur next period, and if u do take a test. Or you should go c ur doctor. Good luck to u!


Grandpa Viv - May 30

Rainbow is right. Half of all teens using withdrawal get pregnant the first year. Sounds like you are one of them. More at http://www.ppowb.org/gv/


Stacy - May 30

Thanks for your responses...i feel nautious sometimes.mostly at night and right when I wake up.My b___sts are really tender and jiggily.....very soft.what % do you think that Im pregnant?


rainbow - May 31

well i can't give u a % but i still think the chances are extremely high. The withdrawal method really isn't that safe, and for 7 months... i dunno but it Sounds like morning sickness to me! Anyways, go get a home pregnancy test and take it first thing wen u wake up. Let us know how it goes!!


lulu - May 31

stacy i feel like you but sometimes i think that i'm making myself think that! good luck!



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