What Are The Hardest Things About Being A Mom

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Gaby - October 24

What are the hardest things about being a mom in general but especially when you are a mom at 15?


Melissa - October 24

Gaby....I am 23 and have two stepchildren 2yr and 8yr old. The hardest thing I find about having children is giving up your personal time and totally being devoted to these little people. They can take every ounce of energy that you have...=)....they are either hungry or bored........tired and cranky......get into everything the moment you turn your back on them.....keeping up without going crazy is a very HARD thing to do! Especially if you work...go to school...it's hard to find time to do the things you need to accomplish. All of these things I experience and these arent even my own two children...they get shipped back to their mother every now and then...imagine if you have that every day...day in day out...no break...plus having to finish school and have a job....and not being able to be with your friends. It will be a major task to get through.....it is hard having a little one attached to you 24/7 and not having that "me" time......


Shanice - October 25

I gave birth to my son when I was 14 and the hardest part about being a mom is having patience. My son is now 2 and is very defiant, I can't stand not knowing what to do about his behavior when I feel I tried eveything. Not being able to provide all my sons needs without a struggle is hard. Sometimes I don't know what he's going to eat, so I have to sacrafice and not eat.


CAROL - October 25

Shanice, have you considered public a__sistance? If you are going without eating so your son can eat, you likely could qualify for WIC, which would give you a good amount of groceries. You should ask you doctor about this.


Bonnie - October 25

Well, I am 34 so cannot answer about what is tough at 15. But things that are tough.... making sacrifices to do what is right for your kids. Sometimes that is easy, sometimes not. For example, we've made many financial sacrifices (i.e. not moving so we could keep our kids in their school even though financially it was better for DH and I). Time to yourself is tough as well. As a mother, I always have time to myself, but not always when I feel like it. Children have needs and sometimes I am just not in the mood or feel too tired to play or help with homework, but I do it because they need it. Disipline is very hard as well. It's hard sometimes to give tough love when you need to, but you have to do what is right for the child (i.e. not spoiling them and giving them everything they want, or cuddling them when they throw temper tantrums). When you have to give tough love, or give punishments for the sake of doing what is right in the long run...I think that is the most tough!


- October 25

EVERYTHING!! Well you just need a lot of patience! I think the hardest is trying to get them to do something or not to, it really tests ur patience. Other than that having to work my a__s off at my job so my baby has everything she needs. Girl at 15 its wayy harder! GOOD LUCK!


Actually - October 25

WIC does not give you a "good amount" of groceries. WIC provides milk, peanut b___ter, cereal, juice, eggs, and cheese. That's about it. That is certainly not enough food to sustain for an entire month, nor is it adequate to take care of child.


CAROL - October 25

WIC provides formula, and by that I meant that it could open up a good deal of her income, since the cost of formula is so high.


Ashley - October 25

The hardest thing i think is getting a job to support the child.


Jaya - October 25

I think the hardest things are trying to get your education with a baby and knowing you arent financially stable enough to provide for your baby. Im 14 and luckily got home schooling so i dont have to put my daughter in daycare. but i know thats not an option for a lot of people. watching her while trying to do good on my schoolwork is tough. ive been lucky with the support of my granma. oh and the sleepless night and teething can be a nightmare!!! but dont get me wrong. shes worth it all


Jbear - October 25

about WIC...WIC does provide formula, but if Shanice's son is 2, he's obviously not on formula anymore. WIC provides formula until the baby is one. WIC doesn't provide enough each month to feed a child, what WIC does is to provide healthy food to supplement the diet. Shanice, if you can't feed yourself and your child you need to apply for food stamps. It takes about a month to get it, unless you're honest with them and tell them you have no food and no money right then. You can also get food from food banks. At 16 your body is still growing and you need to eat. What state are you in, and I'll try to find the DHS website for your state for you.


erica - October 28

Well Im 19 and I just had a little boy, dont get me wrong it will be harder for you at 15 but still Id say the sleepless nights, the times when the baby is crying and nothing you can do helps, not being able to just pick up and leave with your friends when you want, or just that time to yourself in general. Girl it will be hard but you can do it.


Rachel - October 28

i had my eldest son at 16, the hardest thing for me was the sleepless nights and then getting up in the morning and going of to work, but in the long run it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!


karine - October 28

I would agree with Shanice. Defiance is one of the hardest thing to deal with . Cause you just feel like you want to lose control. They can be pretty headstrong !!! And yes, its very time consuming. And the sleepless nights with sick kids is hard to, especially when you have to go work the nexted morning. But it is rewarding. cause you get indefinite love, kisses and hugs.


Christine - October 29

Trying to work, take care of the kids and yourself and the house and the bills, making meals, doing laundry, etc. all while still having enough energy to play with the kids. Daycare issues. Homework. Not having enough time for yourself to relax.


Liana - October 29

Christine is right on target, I don't even know where my head stands!! Also I must add, dealing with the baby's father s sometimes just as difficult ;-)


M - October 31

I am the mother of a 6 week old i would say the hardest thing for me is not being able to go out anymore, i was a real party go-er but now im always with my daughter thats ok though also trying to get chores done in between nappings waking up 1 or 2 in the morning to play after just finally going to bed 2 hours ago.



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