What Are The Symptoms Of A Miscarrige

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Avery - August 20

My boyfriend and i had s_x, and the condom came off -- inside me. since then, i was about a week and a half late, and then when i started, it was IMENSLY painful. when my period sort of stopped, suddenly i had serious irritation around and in my va___a, and it is very swollen. There seems to be some kind of discharge stuck up in there, if that makes sense. I am very tender down there, and its actually started to itch? did i have like,a miscarrige? is it an STD? I'm very concerned. Please Help.


brucen - August 20

RUN don't walk to see your health care provider.


kandie - August 31

yes it's highly possible that it was a miscarrige as the same happened to me just be careful and if you have not gone to a doctor i suggest that you go to one because the reminants of the baby may need to be cleaned away and if you dont it could be threatning to you


- - August 31

Honestly it could be either - a m/c or an STD... being only a week and 1/2 late the baby would be too small to have that much pain and it would NOT swell your v____al area like an STD would... Please, get checked out!


Sara - October 4

i was talking to a friend and my b___sts had all of a sudden gone up a side and my stomoch was a bit bigger and a weird shape 3weeks later i gott all this blood that was like water and was full of like bloodclots and i had the worse pains that were so diff from perioud pains i couldt breath it was horrible and i told my frend and she said she had all those pains when she had a miscarige did i im not sure but i have a bad stress problem


angel - October 5

it might be an infection a misscarriage that early wouldnt cause that much pain. i had a misscarriage at 4 weeks and it was like areally bad period with pain but not a lot of pain and no discharge. you should see ur dr make sure everythings ok good luck :)


- October 5


chelley - October 6

you should go see your doctor right away. it could have been the condom inside you rotting...it's dangerous for you and especially to the baby...take care of yourself....


Melissa - October 30

i have dealt with the same issue of a condom coming off inside of me during s_x. its a common thing, its not anything unusual. You need to have it removed that s wahts causing the irritation. Planned Parenthood clinics will do it for you for free and without consent of your parents, its all confidential. I dont see it as a miscarrige, a miscarrige consists of heavy bleeding, dark and thick. Also adominal pain.


laura - November 1

sounds to me like you have an std it sounds like ghonarea to me i sugest you go to your local gum clinic and get checked out if you don't you could have some severe problems!!! Good LUck


T - November 1

Avery - I haven't read all of the replies but because you had unprotected s_x it is possible you had a miscarriage but if you had one, you would usually know. The pain is excruciating and there is a large amount of blood. In most cases anyway. However, because you said your v____a was swollen it sounds like a ineer yeast infection which has caused irritation or possibly a STD. Try thrush cream or fungal cream from the pharmacist. But if its a STD see your doctor.



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