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Isabelle - September 22

I posted here about 3 times already and no one is responding..im a week late of my period this never happend and im concerned something is really wrong..ive been having really bad stomach aches and ive been feeling faint took a first response pregnancy test and it said it would detect pregnancy as early as 4 days before your missed period and it was negative. can my cycle just be renewing or something? or can there be something really wrong i dont really think im pregnant cause i had protected s_x and i was really safe on it.


Viv - September 22

I think they must have been cleaning up the server, and that is why nobody answered. Those pregnancy tests often give false negatives. Hormone levels build up at different rates, depending on the body. A blood test at a clinic is more accurate. A late period, stomach aches and feeling faint could be caused by many things. Other symptoms of pregnancy (and not everyone has them) are tender b___bs, tiredness, peeing a lot, food or smell upsets, gas, headache. They show up about a week before your period. If you continue to feel pregnant, you should go to a clinic. For safer s_x, why don't you use spermicidal foam or inserts as well as the condoms. I wish you luck.


Eva - September 22

Even though some tests say you can test early, it is usually best to test a week after you have missed your cycle. That allows time for the HCG level to increase if you are pregnant. HPT can also be wrong if they are not done correctly. If the stomach aches & fainting continue see a doctor b/c there are other conditions besides pregnancy that can cause such symptoms. Good luck, hun.


Isabelle - September 23

Its been 6 days after my missed period my mom found out that my stomach hurts and im feeling faint.So now she knows my "boyfriend" is freaking out. Im done freaking out if i am pregnant it probably happen for a reason cause im always safe. I will love the baby if i am pregnant even though i am young. Im taking a test tommorow morning. And for the spermicide foam thing..i dont know where to buy it.



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