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essence - February 21

Im 16 years old and my boy friend wants a baby now, I know that he is going to be there for us(our child and I)I just scared alot comes with that, I know what it takes to raise a child because I have a 2 year old sister that I practically raised and I personally know that it is not easy but I will have help this time(him) I trust and love him so much. I play varsity softball and take weight lifting I do realize I will have to stop Im a very responsible person so I have no fear in what kind of mother I will be or what kind of father he will be. I just need to know what my first step to beining pregnant should be and what should I do after I am.


ChattyKathy - February 21

Why now? You are barely of the age of consent, you don't even have all the rights and responsibilities of an adult. You haven't even escaped puberty yet. Do you want to graduate? Go onto college? Find yourself a career? Honestly, its going to be difficult to do that, have a job, AND be able to spend time with that baby. There is a reason why they tell you to wait. Not to mention that at 16, he is probably NOT the guy you'll be spending the rest of your life with. only 1/3rd of young marriages last. 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce.


EricaLynn - February 21

Even though you helped raise your sister, you have no idea what being a mom is like. No one will ever be able to prepare you for the shock. I am 19 and have a daughter and Im not trying to lecture you. Just think about it long and hard, are you ready for NO sleep, sore nipples, PILES of laundry and stinky diapers? For the first few weeks, babies arent fun. All they do is cry, you never have time for yourself, not even to shower. Honestly think about it before you do something you will regret later, wether it be getting pregnant or not.


kenodra - February 21

ignore that lady baby. you can talk to me if u have aim my name is xkenodrax or msn mynes xkenodrax at hotmail with out the spaces. & my emial is either the hotmail or i have a yahoo its ilovestrad at yahoo...no spaces either!. let me tell you i know 7 girls that have had children at the age of 13 on up & let me tell you they are exacllent mothers. not to mention wonderful girls, you can always graduate it doesnt have to be a certain time or a certain year you could always get your GED like me. im18 & had a little girl in aug 06 i was 17 & i love her more then life itself dont for one minute let anyone or anything hold you back from something you want in life. i believe you can be & do anything you want to do. congrats hun on whatever you deciede on doing. if you need to talk im free <3 kendra


Grandpa Viv - February 21

For what it is worth, I think you should tell your boyfriend to quit being selfish. He is just trying to get off on some ego trip he has going with some of his buddies. Please think long and hard before you let him force you into a short-circuit of the next ten years of your life. Enjoy your sports, excel in academics, and when you have a man who will put a ring on your finger and roof over your head, then you can talk babies. Good luck!


essence - February 26

It's me again I read all of u guys responses and I thank ChattyKathy,Ericalynn,Kenodra,taralee, and Grandpa viv very very much. I would like to keep in contact with you through this site you all sound like good mothers and wonderful people. I just hope you dont think That I am too stupid for asking what I did, Im use to working issues out alone or talking to god about it I just wanted to try somthing new u digg.


Noodle - February 26

your first step to being pregnant should be that you want to be pregnant. Alot of people get pregnant on here and want to, but you dont even sound like you really want it alot. And it will affect you because if you have a baby you didnt really want you are at risk of post natal depression. Your fella may want a baby now, but if you dont you should wait. no matter how much support you have. Im 19 years old. I had my baby at 18. I didnt plan her but i wanted her when i found out. and at the beginning it was difficult, really really difficult. you wanna try living off benefits because your partner doesnt have a job, He has one now, which is brilliant, and we want another baby now. But before, we were living off of about 360 a month, which sounds alot but it really really isnt. get a career, and brilliant job, save some decent money just in case something happens to either of your jobs, finish leting your body actually develop properly, and wait until you WANT to hve a baby. If you dont you will seriously regret it and wish tha you had waited. Even i wish thatour baby was born when we had started ourselves up better. i would take her back for the world, but it was really hard.and kenodra is right in a way, 1 year olds can be brilliant mothers. But its hard. And maybe they want to be mothers or they got pregnant and became good mothers. BUT you are not pregnant yet, you still have a choice. Use it wisely.


LaurenandAtticus - February 26

I am only one year older than you and I just had a baby boy in December. And trust me it doesn't compare to taking care of anybody elses baby even if it is your little sister. It is MUCH more different, because YOU are the mother and there is no backing out or rolling over in bed no matter how tired you are. It's 7 am right now and my son has been awake since 3:45 this morning and just got done with his 3rd feeding. You cant even imagine, trust me. Just because your boyfriend says he will help you, doesn't mean he will. You really think he will be the one to wake up change a diaper and feed your baby at 3 am? yeaaaahhh right. 1 in a million chance. If you were the responsible person you claim to be, then bring that out and be responsible towards getting your life together and quit thinking about having a baby at 16 when you have other better things to be doing. Like finishing school and getting a career. Both of you need to stop being so selfish. A baby is serious, not something that has a result in puppy love. Your first step is realizing this isn't right. Good luck and I hope you two grow up.


Skyeblue - February 26

Fine Essence have a baby. But try to put things in the right order. Move out of mommy's and/or daddy's place (your bf too!) Get a job that will pay for your rent and ALL your expenses on your own including health insurance. Try living on your OWN and taking FULL responsibility for yourself for at least a year. Save a little money--say at least $5,000--cuz you will need it when you are a stay home mom the first 4 months or so--at least--! THEN, go and make a baby!!!! Good luck!


abriamiacadia - February 26

Come on ya'll stop answering this stupid chicks post. She just wants attention, and if not then she is stupid. Im 17 and i played softball, it was my life. Im pregnant. I dont want to be anymore. Most ppl say oh well, pregnancy was wonderful. Im in my second trimester, I cant keep my head out of a toilet. Being a mother to a sister is different. You didnt carry her and give birth to her. You dont know how it feels to have your body stretching and stretching. Or the fear in the first trimester of losing your baby. I'm still scared I may do something stupid and lose my child. So, dont give her advice she's not gonna take it. Honey, do you honestly think your bf will stick with you. i just turned 17 and from the time i turned 16 to 17 I had had at least 4 boyfriends that supposedly "loved" me. You are not responsible unless your living on your own w/out support from your parents. Your not gonna take my advice but im just gonna let you see what I hafta say. Dont do it. Give yourself time to grow up. Do you know how much i'd give to be back on that softball field. Everytime my fiance takes me by it, I look longingly at it. Dont mess up your life. BUT since im probably wasting my time im just gonna leave you with that. Have a good day and good luck.


abriamiacadia - February 26

Oops not that i mean my life is messed up, I wouldnt trade the baby for anything, I just would've waited if i was smarter. So be smart.


moescrilla - February 26

well, I had to comment on the GED comment made earlier. Not trying to tell you to get your GED, because I think you'd be more proud if you get to walk and get your diploma, but some people want out of highschool sooner and a GED is the exact same thing as highschool diploma. You can still go to college also. Every place requires you have Highschool diploma or GED. There isnt a job I've ever seen that required a Diploma, and didnt accept GED's. Just because someone has there GED doesnt make them losers, or mean they cant do anything.


taraleej - February 26

I didnt say it makes them losers and your right a GED is just as good but why would anyone rather that then a diploma when they have the choice...its a memory, a reward...seriosuly think about it..she pretty much told her to quit school and get her GED ahha that sounds so stupid and you know it does!...if you have a GED then thats awesome but im sure you whoever has GED did it because they quit school and have regrets!!...anwyays this is stupid the right thing to do is stay in school.simple.



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