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Jeremy - September 1

I'm 17 year old male from Ohio. My ex-girlfriend has just told me she may be pregnant. She's had 2 mis-cariges (sp?) with previous boyfriends. The doctors have even told her she gets pregnant easy. She took my virginity, and we used a condom, however she was not on birth control. We technically had s_x twice..however the second time I went inside her, and pulled out...I didn't put a condom on...it was just one of those "I wonder if theres a difference" tests...after I went in and pulled out (probly about 5 seconds), we stopped..and didn't continue... We ended up breaking up 2 weeks after that...and I have moved on with another girl, who I think I could even possibly marry down the road, just because of the way we get along and our love for each other. If I tell my girlfriend now, about my ex being pregnant (even though its not official, she's been pregnant twice, and knows the symptoms) she is probly going to be heartbroken and not know what to do or say about it...so I really dont think I'm going to tell her until I find out its official. I told my ex, if we were still together I would have no problem with whatever decision she makes, even if she decided to keep the baby. I would take responsiblity for what happened and help raise the baby. But I told her what is really pushing me to ask her for an abortion (which is totally against all my family's values) is the fact that I'm doing so much better with this new girl and I think we are going to be together for a long time...just one of those feelings. And I don't want to ruin what I have with her. Please give me some advice on this complicated situation....


Jeremy - August 11

I'm pretty worried about this, can someone please reply?


Shorty - August 11

Dude, you are right in that you should wait till the pregnancy is confirmed before you tell your girlfriend. I know this sitch may seem really hard, but I would not push for an abortion, asif she is pregnant, and if it is yours, then its your kid you are killing. I think with your current girlfriend, if the situation arises where your ex is pregnant, then she needs to understand. You did not know her or was with her back then, and what happened in the past is really none of the other persons business. If your girlfriend loves you, she will understand, and if it ruins what you guys have... then isn't that an indication that you guys are not meant to be?? Loving someone is loving all of them, and accepting them, their past and all.


J - August 11

She's had miscarraiges in the past with previous blokes? Considering her history of unprotected s_x you should get tested for s_xual diseases AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You don't want to risk pa__sing anything onto your new girlfriend. You were very stupid to have s_x without a condom. If it is confirmed that she is pregnant then you will HAVE TO support her. and no offence, but I reckon your ex wouldn't give a toss what your girlfriend would think, she has NOTHING to do with the situation. DO NOT push her for an abortion.


Jeremy - August 12

Its not like that...I mean yeah if this was right after we broke up, I would take your advice...but she makes a couple extra efforts to try and not p__s my girlfriend off, because she doesn't like Sarah. And she says shes happier for me now then she ever was when we were together. So I know she wouldn't try and fake it...she's pretty worried about it as am I.


Amrin - August 12

Sounds like she is one of those jealous types and good actresses. I agree with the test thing, tell her you won't believe her unless she tests for it right in front of you! Don't be gullible, she;'s probably trying to ruin your life. I know plenty of people like that. Don't take her word for it...especially since she didn't give you good treatment. She probably wants attention. And how do you know the baby will be yours if she is telling the truth? Maybe she has slept around after you left her...?


Caz - August 12

Jeremy, did she do the test in front of you? If not, insist she retests and gives it to you to look at. I would not accept the result as positive unless you were there with her watching and you can say with 100% certainty that it hadn't been tampered with. I agree with Amrin, she could be trying to hurt you, especially is you have a new girlfriend she hates. She sounds jealous to me! Please don't make this public knowledge as I wouldn't be surprised if in a months time or so after everyone knows, she comes out with "oh I had a miscarriage the other day". Insist on going with her to a doctor to get he pregnancy confirmed. If she refuses, then you have to wonder if she is pulling your leg.


Sam - August 31

First of all you should wait to find out for defo if she is pregnant-if she is then talk to your new gf about it.dont push your x into having an abortion-you got her pregnant when you were together-just because you are with someone else it does'nt mean she has to have an abortion-it is her child too,instead of abortion-you should take responsibilities and help raise the child.And secondly-if your x is pregnant and when you tell your new gf she prolly will be shocked at first-but this was something that happened before she was even in the picture,just make sure you let her know she has nothing to worry about,and if she loves you like you say you love her then what you have will not be ruined!!Just dont try and push your X into having an abortion!!!


Clara - August 31

Are you 100% sure you were the only one she was having s_x with? I would not say anything to my new girlfriend about this possible baby until I knew she was definitely prego & did not miscarriage again as also that it was your baby. No sense in hurting your new girlfriend if you don't have to. Also, ultimately a abortion is you ex's decision because it is her body. I hope you are using a condom & pill with this new girl.


jennie - August 31

I am not going to make any a__sumptions here but i think you are too troubled by the whole situation. you have a relationship with someone new that you obviously are enjoying very much. this new girlfriend is the present possibly the future. the past is only good for wallowing in. not only should you tell your ex that you will be responsible for the child if there is to be one you should also show her that as well. words mean nothing . action is everything. i will not lie you are in a terrible situation and it won't be easy to get past it. your attention will have to go in many different directions.it seems to me you are attemting the impossible:trying to make everyone happy. everyone cannot be happy all at the same time so i think you should just relax about it and focus on one person/situation at a time.


amanda - September 1

dont tell your girlfriend untill she is deffeinatly pregnant and wait untill shes far along where she wont have a miscarige like u said she did 2 times because you dont want to ruin what you have .. good luck!



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