What Do I Do I Need Real Answers

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Larry - July 6

The girl next door ask me to pop her cherry. Shes 13 and got caught by her mom without her clothes on in the garage 3 months ago with her boy friend. He was doing oral s_x to her and her mom heard him say he was going to screw her when he finished eating her and she was wet and ready for him. The mom grounded Sally and then took her to the doctor for an exam. She did not have any STD'sd and they agreed to put her on the pill. She grounded her for the summer. She is allowed to come and play with my little sister. She told me about being on the pill and even showed me the dispenser pak and ask me to pop her cherry. She said if I doesn't want to waste perfectly good birth control and since shes on the pill she wants to have s_x. She said if I don't agree to have s_x with her she is going to use her finger or something that will pop her cherry and then tell everyone that I had s_x with her. What should I do?


Kim - July 6

It sounds to me like this Sally needs some help. When I was 13 I was definetly not that concerned with boys,or s_x... Maybe you could try to talk to her and find out why she wants to have s_x so badly. But PLEASE don't do it if you dont want to. Dont be pressured into something you dont want to do. Its funny because you always hear stories about girls being pressured into s_x, but apparently it can go both ways! Just try to help this girl any way you can, and dont give in to her. Whats to say people will belive her anyways if she lies and tells people you had s_x with her? Its your word against hers. By the way how old are you, if this is your lilttle sisters friend?


Audrey - July 6

Larry- Kim is right. Your friend Sally should understand that her mother is trying to do what's best for her and keep her out of trouble. Losing one's virginity is something you share with someone you love and trust, not just as a game. Don't give in to Sally's selfishness.


To Larry - July 6

Make sure you are never alone with this lying little tramp. Sounds like way bad news, if I were you I would be just as concerned about her hanging out with my little sis. Imagine what she is putting into her head.


Wow - July 6

This kid is still "going outside to play" and wants to start having s_x? Kids these days ...


to Kim - July 6

Almost 15, I'll be 15 on October 2nd.


Kim - July 6

Thats a pretty big age gap. When you are in that time of your life, you will be amazed how much you grow and mature year,by year. Just know you are the mature one is this situation and use your best judgment! :o)


hahaha!! - July 6

dont!! plz that is so childish!! tell her the truth and if she tells people then they will no she is lyin!! she really needs 2 grow up!! its crazy!! help her out dont go ther!! hehe! gud luk!! x x


Lisa - July 6

This girl is in serious need of mental and emotional help. If you are able to, you should inform her mother so that she can get the help this girl needs, obviously birth control is not the answer.


asdf - July 6

I'd be going to her house and having a nice long conversation with her mother about what she told you. That, and like someone else said, make sure you're NEVER alone with the little tramp.



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