What Do I Do I Think I Might Be Pregnant

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sprite165 - July 1

My boyfriend and I had s_x yesterday, and I guess he didn't put the condom on all the way because it came off. He doesn't want to get a morning after pill. I don't have access to a pharmacy, and his parents are making him leave tomorrow. What do I do..? Some answers please.


ashley_1991 - July 1

welll there is nothing you can really do if you dont wanna take the morning after pill and you think you can be pregnant you will have to wait until you miss your period and *take a test*


AddysMummy - July 2

I'm sorry but that's stupid to have s_x with him after him saying he didn't want to put it on after it came off. Well use a new condom or don't have s_x. And he can either buy you the morning after pill or pay for years and years and years worth of raising a child. Does he have over 100,000 grand laying around somewhere? You need to talk to your parents. Or you can just sit tight and wait it out.


Grandpa Viv - July 2

If you are not in the fertile window, days 8 thru 16 of a regular 28 day cycle, then your chance of pregnancy is considerably reduced. It seems like one of your choices is to tell your parent about the incident, and ask for emergency contraception, no matter the consequences. If you are pregnant, the parent is going to figure out you had s_x anyway!! Good luck!


HeavenisMine - July 2

Well if it happened that way, both of you will have to wait it out and face whatever responsibility and consequence comes with being pregnant, if indeed you are. Wait until your next period is due, if it doesn't show up, then you will have an issue if you can't get a pregnancy test. It's as many have said time and again, your parents and/or his will find out eventually.


Naomi98 - July 2

LMAO at Addysmummy! Couldn't find anything to b___h about in that post so just made something up. Taking things to a new level as always :-D Sprite, I hope you managed to get the morning after pill. Like everyone else says, a trip to the pharmacy is a d__n sight less troublesome than an unwanted pregnancy.


Teddyfinch - July 3

naomi: uh what she said kinda makes sense? if he doesn't want to buy the morning after pill for her, then he'd better be paid because a kid's going to cost him a lot more. that's not b___hing, that's called truth. go be a skank elsewhere. **sprite** you might let him know a baby costs a whole lot more than that pill. and if his intentions are to get you pregnant, take him for everything he has.


Naomi98 - July 3

LMAO at the both of you now!! Please tell me where in the OP does it say that her bf didn't want to put on a condom? You're making things up in your head little lady. Haha.


Teddyfinch - July 3

i didn't say he didn't want to put on the condom. stupid a__s. talk amaking something up to b___h about.


Naomi98 - July 3

Not you, the other one. Are you completely daft or what?


angelmonkey - July 3

i think what addy is trying to say is that if the condom came off she was stupid not to put another one on! they obviously carried on as she thinks she may be pregnant!


AddysMummy - July 3

Read what angel said. Not going to repeat myself.


Naomi98 - July 3

I think we can all agree that a condom can come off and not be noticed til it's ... oops.... too late. So unless she was actually in the room with them, I don't think Addysmummy should be jumping to conclusions. Anyhow, enough of this idiocy, outta here. The games are fun but sometimes it's just too easy to get a rise LOL.


AddysMummy - July 4

Uh no unless she's REALLY loose you can tell when a condom is not on a guy. There is a HUGE difference in feeling. I've used condoms with hubby and when we were "not actively trying yet not preventing" we didn't. It's a big big big difference. :) But nice try, idiot ;D


Teddyfinch - July 4

naomi: you said "LMAO at the both of you now!! Please tell me where in the OP does it say that her bf didn't want to put on a condom?" tell me how that couldn't possibly mistaken for you talking to both of us. i think you're the daft one here.


hope-31 - July 4

i swear that most of these posts are made up just to get a rise out of people.so entertaining. how is everyone doing this independence day?


amanda17 - July 4

I'm going out with some friends for this 4th of July. Ellie has this adorable navy blue dress with red and white stars on it... I can't wait to see her in it :) What are your plans, hope?



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