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isaac - February 9

im 19 years old and i fell in love with a beautiful girl the prob is her parents never liked the idea because shes only 15. she has already missed her period and we havent figured out if she is pregnant or not but if she is, i will stay with her i wont leave her for nothing but i dont want to be sent to jail cuz i know its not good for the baby and it will jus make things worse. what should i do?


to isaac - February 9

Have you thought about talking to her parents, and asking them to help you................ maybe you should get married fast!


Kier - February 9

Well technically this depends on where you live. You see where I live, you can only be sent to jail if she presses charges, and has a case against you. Of course marriage would prevent all of that. But there is still a chance that she might not be preganant. You two should try to find out quickly. I'm only 6 weeks now, and trust me, the sooner, the better.


tammy - February 10

I vote for marrying her, and giving this baby a family. What do you think?


Oh Goodness Everyon - February 10

Do not encourage a shot gun wedding. The last thing the child needs is parents who wed ONLY because of the baby. The baby needs the parents to be married if they are in LOVE. Divorce is terrible enough for the parents, but worse for the child. Isaac, I suggest you talk to someone about it.


in response - February 10

It sounds like Isaac loves her. I mean if people are getting around and "doing it" we should be more positive and HOPE they love each other. The social implications of an unwed mother and the criticism she has to face is unaccpeptable. She shouldn't have to face that alone. No, if he loves her (after doing a minor) he has to make it right, by lessening her embara__sment.


Hilary - February 10

Well, hopefully she won't press charges. Don't get married just to get married.


re; Hilary - February 10

marriage rights a wrong............... normal is no longer marriage is it? Normal is to have s_x and play around? What is wrong with taking vows? Doesn't the baby deserve that too?


re: isaac - February 10

What were you thinking? She is 15 , where I come from the parents can charge you even if she did consent (which she obviously did) . I just think you should have thought about everything even if you felt in love, you knew her parents weren't to happy before, what did you think they would do if she is preg?


patience - February 10

isaac, i think that he best thing you can do right now is hope for the best right now. don't think about whether or not you're going to jail, but how you're going to raise the baby. you need to get a job. babies are VERY expensive. if you really love her, you should consider getting married, but in my opinion, sh'e too young and probobly is also confused about what she's going to do. why don't ya'll just sit down, and have a conversation about your plans, and just try to support her. i wish you the best of luck.


It makes me sick - February 10

That some of you say to get married for the sake of the baby. HELLO parents that are married and unhappy make things ten times worse on the baby. Yeah, he sounds like he is in love...that doesn't mean going and getting married solves it all. As for causing her embarra__sment---what century do you live in? and also, if she was old enought to have s_x in the first place then she is old enough to face the consequences



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