What Do I Do Now

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Ashleigh - October 11

Hi, I'm 16 and recently found out that I'm pregnant. I've had all the clasic symptoms and signs. I've been to the local womens clinc and they say Im doing fine, for being three months pregnant. I figure I have a month maybe two before I start showing to the point where I cant hide it. Both my parents travel extensivly as part of their job. How can I tell them, or should I just wait until its impossible to hide my condition. I am already finding that I am spending more on food and clothing than before and while they may never notice I certianly am having gained 5lbs in the last month and increased in clothing size by at least one to two sizes. I dont know how my parents will react, they've never even hinted at how they would react if I ever found myself in this condition. Is it possible to hide a pregnancy for the full nine months? How hard is labor, can you do it on your own? I just dont know enough and even the internet isnt telling me everything I think I need to know.


Lisa - October 11

Ashleigh, you really do need to tell your parents honey. Please don't leave it and try to go through labour on your own. I was 19 when I had my son, he's now 9!, I had him in hospital and thank God I did. He had to have his air way cleared so he could breath. Labour is hard especially at a young age. I wish you all the luck in the world with your parents,pregnancy and your life with your baby! X


heather - October 11

You would have to have some really stupid parents for them to not notice no matter how hard u try to hide it. TELL them, it will end up okay. They'll be upset at first.


wannatalk - October 11

Hey girl, well i am in the same postion as you. I am 16 as well and pretty much, have a feeling that i know that i am preg. I do not know how to tell my parents either but i just have to bite the bullet and do what is best for my child and i need to make sure that i get the correct nutircions for my baby. If you would like to talke to someone that is in the same boat as you... hit me up at: maybe_a_mommy_to_be@yahoo.com


Ashleigh - October 11

Thanks for all your advice I think mostly Im scared. I was only with one guy one time but I know, especially now, that once is enough. I dont want to hurt myself of the baby but I know that if I tell my parents they will imediately want to start staying at home and I cant let them do that it would ruin their careers. Sometimes the path seems so clear, wait nine months have the baby and everthing will be alright but then reality sets in and I dont know what to do.



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