What Do You All Want To Name Your Baby

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newmommy20072007 - July 12

well, i just wanted to get some opinions cause of course choosing baby names are so much fun right!!! well, i really want a girl and if it is her name will be mary jane ann garcia and if it's a boy i have no idea!!!! all the boy names i like my boyfriend hates!!!


MaMa 2 B - July 13

HeY...if i have a gurl i wanna name her Nevaeh Leigh Keiser...and if i have a boi i dont kno either cuz my bf dont like any of the boy names i like either!! haha


Tjane - July 13

well i have heard so many negative comments about my name so its a good thing I am confident and dont care what other people think, i am naming my daughter (c-section next tuesday, YAH!!!) Janiyah Storm.....


lilmomma88 - July 13

How did you come up with that name Tjane? And good luck with your c-section!!


Tjane - July 13

Its only been old white people that have had a problem with it. ( I am white so no I am not racist) but I think its just too different and its a generation thing, just old folgies and my stuck up a55 sister have made comments. My sister said "WHY DONT YOU JUST NAME HER SHAQUEFA?" I dont see it but she says its ghetto, Its like Shaniah (Twain) but with a J...but shes touched....anyways. I like Nevaeh too. Its so sweet....


PrettyShadows - July 13

I am not pregnant yet, I am preventing myself fro TTC because i feel it'd be better when i finish college. I am 17 by the way. But when i do have children (which i desperately want) I hope to name the boy either Noah or Reuben and i hope to name the girl Grace or Eden.


Tjane - July 13

Oh, I didnt see where you asked me how I came up with it, I worked with a lady a few years ago whos daughters name was Laniyah and I just thought it was so pretty with a J... and Storm her dad begged me to use as the first name but I thought it could go as a middle.... I was gonna do Janiyah Lynn but my oldest daughters name is Jazlyn so I figured I would get away from the Lynn, So my girls are named Jazlyn Tiana and soon to be is Janiyah Storm....


lilmomma88 - July 13

both very pretty names!! i love storm as a name too


Bluespace86 - July 13

We're naming my boy Sora Emari Tennent 0_0 Tjane I like that name. My middle name is Jinai and everyone thinks it's ghetto but it's actually some Chinese name my mom really liked from an old movie she saw!


MaMa 2 B - July 13

i love the name breanna i remember when i was little i wanted to have that as a name! haha and Janiyah is a beautiful name!! well everyone in my family thinks i am havin a gurl! lol i donno y but i am only 3 and half months and too early too tell so we will see but i hope so cuz me and Justin can not decide on a boy name and we both fell in love with Nevaeh and i only like the middle name Leigh because instead of heavenly....Nevaeh Leigh! very unique i thought! =] good luck to all of u!


Loving_chick - July 13

if i have a girl im gonan use cori alaine , and for a boy cory holcolmb or trevor joseph


Ca__sie06 - July 13

My little boys name will be Connor Ethan.


lilmomma88 - July 13

Mama 2 b my whole family thought i was havin a girl too but it turned out to be a boy! if your baby isnt shy, you should be able to find out at 18 weeks!


MaMa 2 B - July 13

yea my doctor said most likely at the end of August! ahh i just cant wait! i just wanna kno what it is already!!


DorothyL - July 14

Hey... My s0ns name will be Jay. I hate c0mplicated names and my bf and I c0uld never agree 0n anything untill Jay. l0l. His midle name will be valentin0 s0 yeah Jay, Valentin0. Hes due N0vember 16th. And the name is f0r sure...n0 changes :)


young_mum_2_b - July 14

hey i named my little girl Kiyani Rose, and if we had a boy we were calling him Kye....i like the name Jaala for a girl tho and also like the name Shane..but spelt Cheyne for a boy...about the only 'common' name i do like



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