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Laurali - November 2

Heya... Heres what I've been going through the past week and a half. I know I should get a test... but I have no money at the moment, my boyfriend does, but hes not gonna get me a test till this weekend... so I'm lookin for people to talk about it until I can get a test... so yea.. .heres the things I've had: -Last week my nipples started to get sore... and I haven't been able to touch them, nor has my boyfriend, unless its a gentle touch... for a week and a half now.. -My period is late... its always on time. For the past 3-5 months its been on time. But now its like 3-4 days late... -I've been yelling a lot and my patience has been very slim, and I cry for no reason what so ever... -I keep feeling like my period is here but its not... =S -I keep feeling sick on and off... but I don't seem to have an appet_te for a lot of food =S -I've been VERY tired... like... I only once in a while fall asleep at my computer... but I usually stay up until 11:30, 12ish, but lately around that time I've been falling asleep at the computer... like 3-4 times in the past week. I feel like napping right now actually... I hate naps. I have a bladder infection, and kidney infection, so the bloating and lower back pains I pretty much just blame that... I dunno... what do you guys think?


Grandpa Viv - November 2

It sounds promising. Late period, sensitive nipples, fatigue, emotional, unusual discharge, appet_te changes, more frequent peeing, bloating, back pains all make a good list. Bladder infections can flare up due to hormone changes. A test first pee Saturday morning would be appropriate. Good luck!


Laurali - November 2

I wanna take a test asap =S Should I really wait until saturday? =\ That seems so long and I'm going crazy not knowing...


CAROL - November 3

Tell your boyfriend you want to take a test today. Why wait till the weekend? You're already late.


Brittany - November 3

sounds like you are to me!tell us when you test!


Laurali - November 3

I got blood work done... I get the results tomorrow... I'm kinda scared =S I keep on feeling cramps as well, and I keep thinking my period is starting, so I keep on running to the bathroom... but nothings there. I am gonna call the doctor's clinic I went to tomorrow, and hopefully have the results by noon... my mom questioned me today because I told her I haven't had an appet_te for pretty much anything in the past week... and this morning I almost ran to the bathroom because I felt sick. I don't know :S My boyfriend is STILL convinced that I'm not... so yea =\ I can't wait to find out... I want to know nowww =(


Jason - November 3

a missed period = PREGNANCY


Hisamie - November 5

Sounds like you are, but then again there are many reasons why things like that could be happening. Theres always a chance that you arent but I am leaning more towards yes.



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