What Does Brown Vaginal Discharge Means Am I Pregnant

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sam - September 6

i'm 18 and i've already had my period last month. For the past few days, i've been having brown va___al discharge. There's probably 1-2 more weeks till my period comes. Is this normal? Am i infected with any sort of disease? Or am I pregnant? I have also taken the morning after pill (emergency pill) last month and got my period after that. Please help me out. I'm worried sick.


- September 6

just wait till ur period is missed, and then take a test thats all i can say


sam - September 6

but i've already had my period last month. can i get pregnant still? and just now, the discharge is reddish brown...what does this means now...im so worried sick...help me~!!


Grandpa Viv - September 6

Probably not. The morning after pill can mess you up pretty good. You will have to wait things out and take a couple of pregnancy tests along the way, maybe two weeks apart. Good luck!


ok - September 6

thats not normal go see a dr


sam - September 8

i know that even after taking the morning after pill i'm not guaranteed 100% that i wont be pregnant. But my period came after that. It's not abnormal or little but actually quite a heavy one. So can i still be pregnant? or that i'm most likely having an infection?


Kitty - September 30

Sam, I suggest you go see your doctor, I know the Morning after Pill really messed up my system. I know when I went off of the Ring(Nuvaring) My periods weren't exactly normal. Once again see your doctor and best of luck


pierced - October 2

i was on the nuva ring for only five days. That thing messed up my system. me and my boyfriend are tring to concieve now. i hope it works. after i went off the ring i bled for 2 weeks.


yaya - October 2

i had irregular v____al discharge, it was gonnorreah, so i would get it checked out.


Mia10 - February 4

Im actually confused and would really love is someone could help me out. My fiance and i had s_x at a time i was between pills, which happened to be right aroudn when i *should* ovulate, needless to say we thougt i was pregnant . tests came bak neg. blood test was done on the day of or before i was due for my next period, and it too came back neg. i got my period 5 days late, it lasted normally, hurt alot more tho. it ended last weds or thursday. now today i have brown discharge.......what does this mean? anyone?????????


ChattyKathy - February 4

Mia, it sounds like this is your body's way of trying to regulate itself after going back on the pill. If the blood test showed negative, I am not suspecting a miscarriage here, if that is what you are worried about. The brown discharge is called spotting and it can be normal when beginning a new birth control.


amanda17 - February 5

despite what others are saying, brown discharge is actually normal. its basically dry blood...it usually happens a bit before or after your period. however, i've never taken the morning after pill but it scares me. its not the safest form of birth control, it could do a lot of weird and unhealthy things. if you're really that worried about it, see a doctor.


Merciii - February 8

Morning after pill messes with your cycle for a while. It'll settle down eventually


Merciii - February 8

DOH WHY do people bring back posts over 2 years old... what they doing going that far back anyway???



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