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Sandy - October 13

Im 16 and I am most definitly pregnant. I just passed my fifth month and I am huge, I'm thinking twins, thats how big I am. My clothes dont even fit anymore, even the new stuff Ive gotten in the last three months. Despite not having told my parents I havent hid my condition and Im sure that my condition has been obvious since about a month and a half ago. Yet my parents havent said anything, they dont treat me any different than before, they havent mentioned my condition. They act as if nothing is happening, yet they've made sure that I see the doctor regularly, three times in the last four months. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Why are they acting this way? Also does anyone have any advice about what the next four months will bring and how to handle labor, I want to give birth at home.


- October 13

why havent u told your mom?


angel - October 13

hi :) they may be trying to deny it sometimes parents will do that but you should tell them they might be waiting to hear it from you not wanting to accuse you? but definetly keep going to the dr i hope it all works out with ur parents and good luck :)


Sandy - October 13

Angle, Im not sure what you mean when you say that their trying to deny it. How can they deny it when its right their in front of them, like I said I havent made any secret of my condition and it will only get more obvious ther further along I go. Even with all the information avaiable Im still confused about whats really happening to me, sometimes.


...? - October 14

Have you not seen a doctor about your condition?


...? - October 14

p.s. Before I get told to "read the post properly", I mean see a doctor specifically about your pregnancy. You would have been told by now if it was twins, and you could have spoken about what's happening to you. You need to be responsible here, if you want to have a baby you need to look after yourself better and involve your parents instead of judging them for not mentioning a pregnancy you have chosen not to dicuss with them.


I agree - October 14

If you are not adult enough to talk to your parents about it - how can you handle a baby? Seriously, if you don't bring it up to your parents, why should they????


Bonnie - October 14

I completely agree with the post above me. You are having a baby, time to grow up and deal with your parents on an adult term.


- October 14

Pregnancy is a condition? If you haven't gone to the doctor yet, you need to get your a__s to one asap



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