What Is It With All The Adoption Threads

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Sick of adoption threads - April 5

Ok, I seriously think people need to stop coming here soliciting adoption. Although I feel for the people unable to have biological children, you should not come to a teen pregnancy forum, or any other forum on the internet saying you are looking to adopt...it's not right and it's not safe. Why would anybody trust someone with their child they met over the internet. I know for some people it's an act of desperation because of long waiting lists and stuff like that, but this is a forum for teen mothers to come and ask questions and get advice.


anon - April 5

I agree, this is not the place to look to adopt a child. It seems a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon.


Sick of adoption threads - April 5

Well, whenever I see a thread soliciting adoption, I'm gonna hit the "poor taste" b___ton, these people have no right to do this.


Daisy Jean - April 5

I don't have a problem with this. For some of these girls it might be an ideal answer for a surprise pregnancy. When a birth mother starts the search for adoptive parents, it often by word of mouth or from a book of bios. This site is full of potential, if you are seeking a baby whose parents can't keep him/her. I agree the utmost caution should be taken when giving out personal information, but I don't understand why this upsets you so much. Whose rights are they violating? Why don't they have the "right" to do this? The only people who will respond are the ones considering adoption- if it is a solution for all involved why does it bother you?


Hmm.... - April 5

I think, maybe people shouldn't post saying 'I want to adopt your child.' But I believe people have every right to come here and talk about adoption, and if someone happens to tell them they'll adopt then whatever. Why does it bother you so much? You're right, this is a teen pregnancy forum, with TEEN pregnancy, there is often discussion of adoption, and abortion. So don't say people can't come here and talk about it because it bothers you. Thats ridiculous.


Sick of adoption threads - April 5

It bothers me because the girls on here who are pregnant are vulnerable, and if they see something that says "looking to adopt" then they might just go and give their child up for adoption, then really regret it later on. And I didn't mean people can't come on here talking about adoption, because sure they can...teens who are considering it can come here and look for advice...but ADULTS coming on gere soliciting it is WRONG!


anon - April 5

It would be different if the mother of the baby approached the issue, i don't think you should be 'advertising' that you want to adopt on a teen pregnancy forum, it leaves it open for all kind of weirdos to jump on the bandwagon. Some of these teen girls are vulnerable, and very few of them seem to be in the mind set that they are going to adopt their child. I would say most of them have parents that can guide them through the process of adoption and help them find a good suitor for their baby. This is the internet, there are way too many predators out there! I'm sure that the people on here who do want to adopt are genuine and i can empathise with their plight to find a baby, but i feel they probably should go through the right channels. There is good reason why people should be scrutinized before they are considered to adopt a child


Kay - April 6

I agree with Daisy Jean


Kay - April 7

Hey..I am 17 and I know what I'm doing. I found an adoptive couple online for my baby and my parents love the couple. There were screened and we met and bonded. Please don't call me volnerable, it's none of your business. Of course there are many people volnerable out there and many people who are not. If a teen can be swayed so easy then maybe she is not ready to be a mom. Don't treat me like I am dumb! I have a voice and I can speak for myself. Adoptive couple do not come and just take your baby!! There are many steps to adoption and checks...we have time to make a good decision.



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