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random16yo - February 2

Me and my gf have recently become ‘s_xually active’. We’ve been experimenting. Well a couple times that we’ve been lying together naked or w/e, we’ve gotten very into it and she’s jumped on top of me. While she’s on top of my I’ve tried to put my p__s in her and for the most part not fit. I’m too big and she’s too small and I probably haven’t gone more than 3 inches at most. Only once did I go any further, when she was really wet, and I went pretty far. We probably did this maybe like 3 or 4 times and for less than a minute, but I’m sure I got some pre-c_m in her. One time, though, I pulled out and it was covered in this slimy stuff which I think is cervical mucus which comes about time for ovulation, which scared me. I’ve heard about how easy it is for sperm to swim and stuff, and I don’t know. I confronted her about it and since then she’s said that she’s been eating and peeing more. Her br___ts hurt and she says her face is breaking out, but she’s not experiencing cramps or anything. The time for her period is right about now, and she’s taking the test tomorrow morning. What are the chances that she is pregnant, and if she is, what do I do? We know what we did was stupid we stopped soon after starting, and we know that if we have a problem we’ll have to abort it. What are my options? Is there any possible way I can do it without parental consent? I’m worried, because I know I’m going to take care of her, but my parents are strict catholics and are crazy like woah. Opinions? Advice? Anything is appreciated. (16 y.o. by the way)


Grandpa Viv - February 2

There is certainly a chance. Those early signs might be generated by her mind. Use first pee in the morning for the preg test, and repeat a week later if need be. This weekend might be too early to get a positive. Call 1-800-230-PLAN for the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic for any other needs, including counseling on birth control. Good luck!


random16yo - February 2

well she took it tonight and it came back negative, but she's taking another in the morning. if her last 2 periods started about dec. 8 and then jan 6, when should we know by/test by? it says within five days of the missed period.


Lillie E - February 3

yeah, don't test so soon. wait it out for a few days at least. before you completely decide on abortion, think it threw... i'm not completely anti abortion, but i think its something that you need to talk about and not just use it to run away from the problem. i seriously considered get one, but because my then boyfriend (now husband) was so against it, i didn't, and everyday i have my little boy to wake up to smiling and giggling at me. so think long and hard before you do anything and don't leave your parents out of the loop... i'm really glad i didn't.


paola18 - February 3

mm excuse me ? did u just say abort? i mean why would u say that i mean i know that making s_x it also makes babies ? u know but u on the other hand u should've were a candom i can't belive i'm hearing that froma 16 yr old why on earth would u want her 2 do that does she fell good about u'r question about "aborting"? cuz what about if she wants 2 have the baby and u don't u could just run-along but o-well i think that's a stupid thing 2 do but 1st check her out if she is not pregnent or is she is keep u'r fingers crossed and good luck.. paola .


random16yo - February 3

i asked her what she would want to do and she said that she could not have it. she's focused on her education and absolutely horrible with kids, and aborting would be her decision, not mine. i'm saying now that that's what she's set on doing, what are my options? she's told her parents and they understand, they'll support her with whatever she wants to do and she is set on aborting.


jg - February 4

Why was my message deleted?


Jbear - February 4

Your girlfriend's parents are the only ones who might have to consent...sadly enough, you and your parents would not have any say in the matter.


minna_k04 - February 4

You need to look into this, you do have rights, it may be hard but you might could stop her from killing your child. Adoption is a better option IMO.


TeenMommyNicki - February 5

It's defintely possible she is pregnant. You would have to talk to someone (though I'm not completely sure who, sorry) about the possibility of stopping her from aborting the baby. I know you said she's set on that, but I have talked to girls before who have greatly regretted having abortions, so it's something she should think about. I do agree, adoption is the better choice.


random16yo - February 5

it's ok. though she was a couple days late, she called me and told me that she'd started her period, so everything's good. i still have to deal with her parents (she told her parents there might be a chance), but we're fine. thanks for the help


Mommy - February 5

Use protection from now on, okay? Seriously, if you keep having s_x then she needs to be on the pill and you need condoms to prevent pregnancy. Otherwise you may not be so lucky and it's really sad that people get abortions due to not taking precautions during s_x. It may not be fun to use a condom but STD's and abortions are a lot worse than less sensation. Glad to hear all went well and goodluck to you and your girlfriend and again PLEASE be more careful in the future.



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