What Is Wrong With Me

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cursha - February 9

I am a 15yr old female.....who may be pregnant.....and wants to be.....whats wrong with....i really want a baby?


ChattyKathy - February 9

There are plenty of young girls who dream of having babies. I wouldn't go as far to say its "normal" but its definitely common. There are times when this reaction isn't so much because you really want the baby but because you are lacking fulfillment in the life you have right now. Of course, when your life could change it seems pretty exciting, but its important to remember that this is a big change. There are SO many opportunities for you right now, things that will be made so much more difficult with a baby. Some of these girls are blessed to have families that will help them through this. Some have to tough it out on their own. Its hard. I think you should examine your life NOW, and figure out how you can seize your own destiny without such a drastic change.


lovestruckjsw - February 9

The need for something to care and love for and do the same back to you is understandable. We all want to be loved. You're not weird or anything. But I do recommend doing like Kathy said and looking long and hard at your life and figure out exactly what it is you're lacking. Self confidence? Family? Self Ident_ty? You have so much you still need to experience. Not that a baby isnt wonderful and cute and extremely lovable, but they are also demanding. Babies need things. Lots of things.... crib, bottles, clothes, diapers, formula, new clothes, new diapers, wipes, car seat.... the list goes on and on. At 15, you can't even get a real job. Nor can you drive a car. You also don't have your own insurance. I'm not trying to be rude or mean, please dont take it that way. But you should really wait a little while so that when you do have your own lil miracle, you can give it everything it deserves. If you are already pregnant, then do the best you can to get ready for the baby and taking care of yourself by taking prenatal vitamins, seeing a doctor or clinic, and figuring out how you are going to continue your education. You have a lot to think about.... whatever decision you make, I hope you are happy with it 10 years from now.


crombiiex3babiie - February 12

get a pupppyy!!! Im 15 years old. I am 5 months pregnant me & my boyfriend (hes 18) are happy about it. (now atleast) but let me tell youu this will stress you out soo much! It is soo hard. Babys cost soo much moneyyy like say goodbye to getting your mails donee your hair donee going to partyss drinking(if you do) going out w. your friends. your life wouldnt be yours anymore it would be the babys. I always wanted a babyy to just not now mabey in like 8 years from now. but yeah you want to live your life get a carrer travle go to college & have the experiences that all teens should have. if you are already preg. then your life is changed but no where near ruined. (people tell me my life is ruined all the time. its such b.s) you will just have to put the babyy first but you will enjoy it no matter how hard you life may get! the baby wil bring extaa joyy


crombiiex3babiie - February 12

but I wish you the best of luck with your situationn I hope all goes well for youu


XxbebexX - February 17

hey im new on here and i would just like to say i know exactly how your feeling cursha. i thought something was wrong with me because i want a baby so bad.Im not 15 though im 18 so theres a difference there. i think im pregnant also and im hoping i am, my boyfriend not so much though. i work in daycare and ever since i started working there it made me want a baby even more. So dont feel bad because your not the only one who feels this way....



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