What Is Wrong With Me Need Help Straight Away

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Baby-Boo - February 10

Hi i wrote on here not long ago saying i thought that i was pregnant and was very worried and stressed out. Well i managed to calm myself down abit but i still have a problem? Ive been on the pill for about a year now and i was due my period last saturday...its now friday and i still havent come on my period....surely this should mean im pregnant as i start my new month of pills on saturday, ive never had this problem before so its new to me, i have taken 3 pregnancy tests since then but they have all came out negative. I need to find out if i am or im not before i start takin my new month of pills which is 2moro, plz help whats wrong?


Mommy - February 10

You should go to a health department and have them run a blood test. Or try your gyno if you have one and they can do it and you also want to tell them about your late period/negative tests as they may need to check you.


frankschick2001 - February 10

Not all birth control pills work for all patients. Go to your gyno and have him do an exam, pregnancy test and tell him you want another brand or another kind of birth control pill.


rj80 - February 10

Don't panic. I'm 26 and recently had the exact same problem- everything very normal then last three months nothing - but before I tell you what happened I've been on pill for 10yrs - so I'd still suggest you talk to your doc. Anyhow, the type of pill i'm on is designed to surpress your oestrogen levels stopping your egss from being released and in the end this has meant my periods have totally stopped now. It's not a bad thing - just means it's working properly. When I try next year for a baby it may take up to a year for things to come up to speed but things will get back to normal. If you've been having safe s_x then you should be okay. Remember also that stress and worry can effect your periods too - go and get checked out to be sure. Keep taking your pill as normal in the meantime and use a condom too until you can see a doc to be certain. Good luck.


Baby-Boo - February 10

Hi people i took your advice and rang up the doctors, they said it didnt sound serious enough for me to go down but they got a doctor to ring me back. Because i was sick last week and threw up they are saying that it could of thrown my pill right out. They said i wont have a period this month but should have one next month. They told me that if i dont bleed next month then i have to ring them back, so im not pregnant as far as i no my body is just goin funny lol thanx for all of youre help x


rj80 - February 10

There you go! Being ill can have side effects on the pill. Remember that with some types of pill, if you've been sick it reduces your 'protection' so use condoms for the next 7 days just in case. Good luck!


maren - February 10

thats what my doc said as well when i was on the pill aparently it is pretty normal to miss one period while on the pill but two in a row most likely means your pregnant. If you dont get it next month take a pregnancy test and if it is positive stop taking your birth control. Good luck with everything, same thing happended to me on the pill for over a year then got pregnant well i hope you get the results you want!!


Baby-Boo - February 12

My mum knows about my missed period and is really concerned about me. I have all of the signs of pregnancy but i no that they can come from the pill. For the past few days ive been very ill and im throwing up everywhere. I hope theres nothing seriously wrong. Worried.



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