What Is Wrong With You Crazy Girls

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you crazy? - January 20

I cannot believe so many young kids are on this site are saying they WANT to have children already. What is wrong with you? Your brains have not even finished developing yet, let alone the rest of you. You have no idea whatsoever of the time and effort and cost and responsibility of raising a child. Do you not realise that children need a stable home with, if possible, two loving parents? And those of you who think a child deserves less than this are entirely selfish. How on earth can you provide what a child NEEDS when you are a child yourself!? You haven't even lived your life yet. Your parents should still be raising you and providing stability and discipline to YOU. You are absolutely stupid to WANT to get yourself into being a mother at such young ages. You are just little girls with a romantic notion that having a baby is all fun and games and cutesy stuff. BABIES GROW UP and become toddlers and children and have to go to school and COST A LOT OF MONEY. You have no right to willingly put an innocent child into this situation. Grow up, finish your schooling and get a job and learn some responsibility first, then think about becoming a mother.


I agree - January 20

Totally right on! This is a national disgrace and it should be illegal to impregnate someone under-age unless they have finished school or been emancipated legally and have proven they can live and support themselves in an adult manner for a required amount of time. Blah blah on the rights issues too, a baby has to have it's best interest respected too.


Jbear - January 20

Maybe our schools should teach kids about birth control instead of just abstinence, and then there wouldn't be so many young moms.


you crazy? - January 20

And maybe parents should be controlling their children! Don't parents know where their kids are at all times?? These are CHILDREN we are talking about. I cannot believe these kids even have the desire to have s_x, let alone children. They are just babies. It's so wrong. What kind of lives will these babies of babies have!? It makes me so angry. I think all the threads from these idiot children should be removed as "poor taste". Fair enough if a kid is in trouble and needs advice then this is a safe place for them, but to post "12 and want to get pregnant", "how do i get pregnant i'm 14" etc etc is ridiculous and immoral.


to are you crazy - January 20

I cannot believe an adult would be hanging out on a teen forum, let alone give a lecture, these teens are doing the mature thing and getting advice....it is the adults that insis on giving lectures instead of love that drives these girls to look for love in a baby. Why don't you go to the single and pregnant adult forum and lecture those adult women on how not to sleep with a married man and make babies with married men? Only a "little girl" would date a married man with a family and actually think that the guy loves her!!!


Mommy - January 20

At my school when I was in Jr. High, we did actually learn about different b/c and STD's and we had Baby Think It Over. I was pretty good considering our town is small and we still had the resources. YET, Vermilion County once again has one of the highest rates of births to teens in Illinois. The rate of births to teens in Vermilion County during 2004 was 16.4%, down slightly from the 17.3% recorded during 2003. But that rate is still higher than the rates recorded in Cook County, the City of Chicago, and in many other areas of the state for 2004. Obviously I'm not proud of the fact, I just want people to know that teens will ALWAYS be getting pregnant, no matter what their parents do to prvent it short of getting them fixed while they are little. There will always be teens sneaking out to meet eachother, going to "study" with a friend and coming home pregnant, and using b/c but it will still fail.


you crazy - January 20

"TO ARE YOU CRAZY" - No wonder the world is in such a mess with family breakdown contributing to the state of troubled teens, neglected babies, poor education and welfare, when people like you are actually advocating that it is appropriate for these young kids to come to forums to get advice on how to get pregnant!! And as for adults hanging out on a teen forum, these girls come here for advice! Do you really think that teenagers have had enough life experience to be in a position to give advice about raising babies!!?? By the way, I HAVE gone to the single parents forum, and where ignorant women have indeed slept with married men, I, along with lots of others, have most certainly put my point of view across. What sort of crazy woman sleeps with a married man then expects support!? As I said in my last post, **Fair enough if a kid is in trouble and needs advice then this is a safe place for them, but to post "12 and want to get pregnant", "how do i get pregnant i'm 14" etc etc is ridiculous and immoral.**


lou - January 21

Dont you think this point has been made..... TIME AND TIME AGAIN! theres no point in having a rant because people just dont listen. the only ones on here that will listen are the people who already agree with you


Angelina - January 21

I am 16 years old and i know that i can give support and advice to any one wanting support on raising a baby. I am very mature for my age, and even though i might of ended up pregnant, ( which i will find out in a couple days) by the man that i love with all my heart and soul is something that was not planed but something i would never regret. I just want to commend you on your thoughts about young girls trying to get pregnant and trying to state that 12 year old girls should not be wanting to get pregnant. They should be out living their life. I actually, have set goals for myself this year. Example, going on a diet, stop using curse words, try and make something better for my education( which right now i am doing excellent in school, even though my "younger" years, i had screwd up big time and had to repeat mostly every grade i had failed, i am doing extremely well and to top that off, i am enrolled in college courses to be in the medical field) There are allot of "young girls" , sorry to say but i do not like the term child, that do not know what they want in life, are trying to screw up their life somehow, by trying to get pregnant and believing that that will make their life better, or even that, just sleeping with allot of guys to feel loved, is something when i look at, i know something had gone wrong in their life, but that does not mean that every young girl is like that. I, since the age of 12, have been very mature for my age. Yea, in school, i did fool around, but once i hit 15, i changed that around and am not at the grade I'm suppose to be, even though having to repeat over again. Allot of young girls just need helpful advice, not criticism. To the girls that are pregnant( not planned) and have decided to keep their child and take responsibly for themselves, i feel you should commend them even though being young, but being the best mother they can be.


youngmum_14 - January 21

OFFS! How many times have we all heard these useless lectures before? We do have s_x ed. lessons and things like that at school and this is a forum for young people and teenagers to get support, not a place for bored people like you to have a go at us. Lots of the girls here got pregnant by accident and we know how much work it is (speaking from experience) so if your not trying to help then just mind your own business, do u really think we are going to listen to small minded people like you??


you crazy - January 21

What would happen if 12, 13, 14 year old girls were seen standing on the street with a sign "I'm 12 and want to get pregnant", "Help me get pregnant, I'm 13".......???!!!! There would be a national uproar! But on this forum it seems to be encouraged!!! Unbelievable.


no im not crazy! - February 5

Im 15, 16 in October and i want a child! Im proud of saying this, my friends know and they dont care neither do my parents, they said its my choice if i want to be, they cant stop me. If i want to go and get pregnant then that is fine. They support me 100%. My boyfriend wants to have me to have a baby. Hes 17 and we love each other. What is so wrong in that? People are allowed to do this to themselves. See at the moment, i might be. And if i am: THATS GREAT!


Lillie E - February 6

alright, i understand what you guys are saying, but seriously, think of back in the day. young girls were gettin married and having 3 or 4 kids before they were of age. Teens have a high s_x drive and they want to expirement. Its really hard when you have 2 teens in a relationship discovering new things, and thinking they love eachother. we all know they fall into this "love" thing and the s_xual need and drive has them do stupid things. I think it has many factors. you can say how they're raised or what they teach in school... but these teens have there own personality and they're going to do what they think is best for them, even if they aren't right. These post that b!tch about people coming on here and saying they want a baby when they're young isn't going to do anything. I know a lot of girls who would say "oh i want a baby" and those stupid baby-think-it-overs that they had in 8th grade didn't do a d__n thing. if anything it made them want a baby even more, buti can tell you now, those girls don't have babys. there are some who go out and get pregnant because they want to, and girls who come on here and say things like that may do that, but saying things to them and talking down on these girls who are gettin pregnant isn't helping them at all. they come here with questions and some are really scared. I know when i found out i was pregnant my boyfriend and i cried together for so long... its a life changing thing and most understand that, but not all. My high school taught us about different forms of birth control and told us that abstinence is the only 100% thing. i learned in church to wait until you were married (unfortunatly it was too late for me when i became a christian) but after that i did hold off... and i took the right percausions, but the first night my then fiance and i had s_x, i got pregnant. i know we should have waited, but we didn't. i know we should have used protection, but we weren't expecting it. so many people say "it don't just happen" but it does for teenagers because they're so hormone driven. i was 16 when i got pregnant, 17 when i got married and 17 when i had my baby boy. maybe it was a NATIONAL DISGRACE, maybe my PARENTS SHOULD HAVE CONTROLLED ME (which i've found in the long wrong, doesn't work for many teens) i am not a troubled teen, i DO NOT neglect my son, i am not poorly educated, i am not on welfare... not all teens are horrible mothers and fathers, not all teen pregnancy's end up with a failed life. there are stupid and stuborn people in this world who keep having children when they shouldnt who are on drugs and not taking care of there kids, who are just horrible parents... but not every teen pregnancy ends up with this. most of those kids that come on here saying they want a baby won't end up having one... whether you really believe your talking them out of it, or they're gettin information else where, it probably won't happen, but teen parents can do it and they can live successful lives and be a happy loving family. teens can give other teens advice as to what there gettin into when they find out they are pregnant because WE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN THERE. raising a child as an adult is completely different then raising one as a teen. it makes you grow up fast and its a lot harder to cope, but its possible. i think the girls here who find out they're pregnant need more POSITIVE feed back then having people critizing them and talking down on them because they are too young. it just goes to show that teenagers don't get as much credit as they deserve... and even thou i'm underage for now (i'll be 18 next month) i am a DAMN GOOD mother and there is nothing that anyone can say to make me regret having my baby boy, even if it ment having the life i had back, nothing is worth even the thought of not having my child.


frankschick2001 - February 6

Although I totally agree with the original posting, I have to say that it is pretty much a waste of time to try and talk sense into them. They only get mad. They cannot handle anyone "telling them what to do". To the poster who says "why are adults on a teen pregnancy forum", I have to ask, why were YOU on an adult forum?? Obviously you were if you knew all the stories from there. Schools should be teaching cla__ses about all of this stuff! I mean, parents get mad when s_x is taught in the cla__sroom, yet the parents are not teaching it at home! there is a distinction between teaching morals and values (which should be emphasised at home) and teaching children the basics of BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY, because that is what reproduction is. It's science! Why are schools so afraid to go in-depth on these issues? Because of ridiculous parents believing that their precious children should be shielded from any discussion of s_x. That is an ignorant and irresponsible stance to take on education. There should be cla__ses totally devoted on how a woman can become pregnant, how a woman can prevent pregnancy, and cla__ses focusing on the financial ramifications of having a child (at any age!). The teens here won't listen. They want twhat they want. Remember the Cabbage Patch Kid craze? Well, it's the same thing, only they want babies. At Christmas time, this forum was hardly ever updated, and I bet that was because the kids were too busy playing with their new toys to be bothered. Let them come on here and say how badly they wants kids. There is nothing you or I can do about it. If they have a baby, then it's their parents problem, not mine (oh yes, I know all about the financial ramifications that teen moms cause to society, but that is a whole other topic).


little_snowball - February 6

i think that if any girl is pregnant, regardless of her age, she should be treated with respect. these girls come one the forum looking for advice, and instead, they get yelled at and lectured. if they wanted that, they could have stayed at home and got it from their parents. the fact is, they are pregnant, it happened, and making them feel bad for it won't help the situation. the whole they "think" they are in love thing is BS. i am 17, pregnant, and i LOVE, yes, love my boyfriend. we are to be married in october. don't tell these girls they aren't in love, or that they are too young, or that they are screwing up the babys' life. this forum is for SUPPORT and advice. so start being supportive and stop being cruel.


frankschick2001 - February 6

little snowball...you may be one of the few who are actually getting married. Accidental pregnancy is a shame, but for the 15 year olds looking to get pregnant on purpose is sick and twisted. There is nothing anyone can say that would justify such a young girl going out and getting pregnant on purpose. If they don't want to be lectured, they should have not gotten pregant. With all of the resources out there to prevent pregnancy, it is very hard to imagine it even happening by accident. It's carelessness. Yes, some use protection and get pregnant anyway, and to those girls I offer support, but not to careless girls who let it happen and certainly not to girls who get pregnant on purpose. There is no excuse for them at all. It's sad that all of the teens on here think that "support" is "oh it's OK honey, it's not your fault" and that is BS! Wake up to the real world!


Lillie E - February 6

when i said "think they're in love" i ment it towards the really young girls who claim they want a baby and that their boyfriends agree with them. i was int he same situation as you snowball with being completely in love with my boyfriend who i'm now married to, but a lot of high school relationships don't work out. i also don't agree with people saying that the girls who are pregnant better watch out because their boyfriend might leave them... i learned all of the s_x ed, from protection to abstinence. i knew what taking care of a child ment and how it effects you when you're a teen (my brother was in the same situation as me with his girlfriend) but regardless, so many teens think "oh it won't happen to me if i do it just once" but HELLO! thats not true, i can honestly say i got pregnant the FIRST time i had s_x with my husband (then fiance). i agree theres not an excuse for all of the girls that come on here, but they don't need an excuse they need advice, they need support, they need someone to talk to who understands where they're coming from. they need to be respected! as soon as you get pregnant your seen as an adult regardless. i know many people who are of age who have less common sence then some of the girls on this board. but the girls who come on here and are trying to get pregnant, they're sadly mistaken and if they go threw with it, its something they will have to deal with. not all the girls on here come from a bad home where they're parents didn't raise them right, far from it. pregnancy HAPPENS. whether these girls WANT IT OR NOT! some are mistaken and i don't agree with them coming on here trying to find out how to or saying that they want to or whatever, BUT when girls come on here and they are scared all to hell and want someone to talk to and deserve respect, we shouldn't deny them that.



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