What Right Does She Have To Say That Vent

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abriamiacadia - February 21

So I was talking to my mom and stuff. And I told her me and my fiance are moving in w/ my dad til we have enough money to get our own apartment, and she's like, "Your poor baby. I dont know how its going to turn out living w/ just your dad, you and nate." ..Like I'm not gonna be a good mother..I know im young. I know what challenges I hafta face. But then i was like, ok lets recollect on how you've been. You left a perfectly good man for a convict (names Dave, he's killed 3 ppl before) then moved us to a friends house, we got an apartment, got evicted (cause my dog) then back to her friends. Then they made me pack up my life and i moved 2 hrs to Middle TN to someone else's house, then we got a trailer out there, then mom moved me back to Clinton, where I stayed w/ my dad and now im living w/ my grandma...in less than 2 yrs i've lived everywhere. Now, she expects me to raise my child in one room in my grandmas condo. As If. Not to mention Dave turned mom into a druggie. Anyways she left dave. Then he came back here got thrown in jail, then tried to kill mom supposedly. Honestly does she really expect me and baby to move to whatever guys' house she decides to move to next? Then break up and move back to my gma's? Sorry but, how does she know what kinda mother i'll be til i have the baby...


babyonboard16 - February 21

sounds like you should be with your dad not your mom in the first place from what i just read im sorry that all that is going on


ChattyKathy - February 21

It doesn't sound to me like she's really trying to take a stab at you. It sounds like she is trying to stab at your father, implying that he would be a bad influence. I know comments like that hurt but people tend to say really stupid things at really bad times and they never come out quite as intended.


abriamiacadia - February 21

lol as if my dad is a bad influence. He's actually tryin to give us a boost, and help us out. Mom just wants to move in w/ whatever man she can get her hands on. I used to look up to her until i grew up and found what she was really like. I really miss my childhood days lol. Everything was pure and innocent.


Mommiex20803 - February 22

Hi yeah your mom has no right saying any of that! you sound like you'll be a good mom! since your trying to get out of your grandmas condo and move to a place bigger...because believe me you cant live in one room! i mean im having troubles with my MIL (im 18 and on my 2nd pregnancy...YES I KNOW IM YOUNG! ) me and my hubby are living at her house for the time being until we can move into our own place....(its so expensive where we live)...anyways this pregnancy has been very very difficult for me...like i cant stand for a long time...i had a threatened miscarriage at 10 weeks (im 17 weeks right now) and i was on bed rest for 2 weeks...and just the sickness is killing me...i have acid reflux and few nausea here and there...but anyways im not happy where im at and me and my hubby are trying to work on that but my MIL said to my son..."oh your going to grandmas house again today??...when is mommy gonna clean daddy's bathroom?......SHE NEEDS TO START BEING A WIFE!" oh i blew my top on that one....i honestly cant stand anything about her....i have the whole convo...problem on another thread in "2nd trimester" and its called "ugh i cant stand my mother in law anymore" or something like that....(just in case you wanted to see where im at lol)...anyways good luck and i do believe you should move in with your dad since he wants to help!! good luck!


robby - February 23

I replied to your last post



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