What S Black Cohosh

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curious - April 30

what's black cohosh and can it really and safely induce labor?


ANNE - April 30

PLEASE do not take Black Cohosh while you are pregnant! It can highly increase your chances of miscarriage. This herbal remedy is similar to estrogen which all women produce on their own. Low estrogen levels are what cause hot flashes in menopausal women. I am a Pharmacist and women should never take this when they are pregnant. Most people use Black Cohosh for Premenstrual Syndrome and also for issues during Menopause. You shouldn't try to induce your own labor in anyway but just wait. If the Dr. feels it is necessary to induce you, he/she will. When the apple is ready to fall from the tree, it will ;) Please be careful and best of luck to you and your little baby.


? - April 30

Black cohosh is an herb. It is safe to take in your ninth month of pregnancy. I study herbs and am very knowledgable on this subject. It will cause miscarriage in pregnancy but it is safe to take in the ninth month to induce labor.


curious - April 30

so it won't effect the baby


? - April 30

No it won't effect the baby if taken in the ninth month. It will only cause you to go into labor. Do not take it earlier than the ninth month.


To: ? - April 30

Are you a physician? I don't think it would be in your best interest to be telling people it is okay to take herbs while they are pregnant unless you have some sort of degree. Just because you "study" herbs does not make you a specialist. The lady in the other posting (Anne) said she was a pharmacist. At least she has the credentials to be giving out this information. Just "studying" herbs does not make you a professional. Curious, you can do that you want but I wouldn't mess with any type of medication or herb during pregnancy. I would listen to a pharmacist before I would listen to someone who "studies" herbs. No offense to you ? but you need to watch the kind of medical or medicinal advice you are giving out - you could harm this persons baby.


? - May 1

I got my information from a specialist. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And I know from experience what certain herbs will and will not do. I cured myself from a 3 year illness that the doctors could not figure out or cure. So you do not need to be talking down to me like you are so high and mighty. I would not give advice to anyone if I thought it was not safe.


? - May 1

Did you know that parsley will dry up mothers milk? So if you plan to b___st feed stay away from parsley.


Bee - May 9

i hope everything has gone well for you curious but if u are still looking for answers there is another alternative, blue cohosh, often sold as the tincture caulophyllum, this can help with labour, not only bringing it on but when it does start your contractions will be more effective. evening primrose oil capsules can also be of a benefit with ripening the cervix either taken orally, or peirced and rub the oil internally on cervix. also s_x and nipple stimulation are of some benefit. always discuss anything you want to try with your health care professional, and remember none of these remedies will work if your baby and body are not ready.


Jbear - May 10

You really shouldn't try to induce your own labor...you could be wrong about how far along you are, and your body will know when it's safe for the baby to be born. I had my daughter at 36 weeks (because of pre-eclampsia) and she had to stay in NICU for two weeks until she could breathe on her own. There's nothing scarier than seeing your baby with tubes running into her nose and mouth, and wires and iv's connected to almost every part of her little body. Please wait until your doctor or your body decides it's ready for labor.


? - May 14

I'm 41 1/2 weeks and had it (along with blue cohosh) recommended to me to help stimulate contractions so I won't have to be chemically induced. Included in the advice from the midwife was that it should only be used if you know your cervix is softened as that needs to come before the contractions do.



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