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whiskeydog38 - May 9

Hi, my name's Kendra. I'm 15 and 5 months pregnant. I just inrolled into a school for pregnant and parenting teens, and I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions about labor for one of my classes. So here's what I need. Can you describe your labor at all? How did you know you were in labor? What was it like when you got to the hospital? How long were you in labor? What it feel like? What were your feelings when you first saw your baby? If you could answer the questions or at least what you can, or anything else you want to add about your labor, that would be great! Thankyou!!!


Mandy1984 - May 9

Well I was induced with number 2, I was given a gel that was inserted at around 6am, nothing happened so at noon I was given another.. I started having contactings around 12.15, At first the pain was all in my back, I don't think I felt anything in my tummy at all, I couldn't stick the pain in my back so I was given a tens machine... It took the labor pains away from my back and i started feeling the contactions ore in my tummy which I thought was still really painful but a lot more bareable!!! I then had gas and air and no longer cared about the pain I thought it was great, I went up to delivery suite when I was around 7cm and by about 5pm I was 10cm and pushing, At around 5.10pm My babies heart rate was becomeing unstable and the doctor said she was 'face to pubes' and that was that, I was taken to the O.R and I had an emergency c/section at 5.17pm, As for labor its different for everyone, If you don't need drugs don't take them if you do then have them :) When I first saw my baby I remember think 'oh my gosh look at all that hair'' My 1st daughter was baldy til she was 2yrs!!! For the first few hrs after the birth I was on a 'high' I was sooo pleased with myself!!! I couldn't believe how something so beautiful and perfect came from me, I am 18 weeks pregnant again and can't wait until this baby is born, I was 16 when I had my 1st, 19 when i had my 2nd, 21 when I lost a itlle boy at 18weeks and now I am 22 with no.4....So its really not that bad....


lauren - May 9

Well labour is just that, its labour! It was the hardest thing i have ever done! I went into labour with my daughter on December 12 2005 at 10:00 in the morning. I had hard, steady contractions every 3 - 4 minutes and they lasted for about 1 minute each. I choose to stay at home for as long as i could ( i don't like hospitals!!) So finally at 12:00PM i went to the hospital and was admitted. I was only 2 cm dialted, which was really c___ppy because i had alrealdy been i labor for 12 hours! Thay gave me Morphine to help with the pain. I wanted an epidural, but the hospital i was at won' t give you an epidural until you are at least 4 cm dialted, ughhhhhh. So i labored ALL NIGHT, it was so painful, like being ripped in half. I had bad back labor, because my DD was facing the wrong way, she wasn't breech, just the wrong way, as my DOC put it she was " sunny side up!" Well finally at 7:00am the next day i got my epidural, yay! it was great. I finally got some rest, and after being in labor for almost 20 hours i needed a break! I slept for 3 hours, the nurse came in to check me and i was 10 cm!!!. it was time to push. I was so scared at that point, all these emotions came flooding over me, i was nervous, scared, excited to finally meet my baby!! I pushed for 3 hours, and with a little help from the vac_mn and forceps ( she jsut didn't want out!!) I gave birth to a healthy 7lb7oz baby girl, on December 13 2005, almost 29 hours later! When the put her on my chest i felt like the most amazing, powerful women. I was bawling my eyes out, i was just over the moon happy!!!! When you finally have your baby you feel like you are the only women how has ever done it!! The only thing i didn't like about the wohle labor and delivery was the episiotomy and the st_tches, i had 15 st_tches, and they hurt, i couldn't walk or sit for like 2 weeks!!! In the end though its all worth it!! I LOVE my daughter more than any thing in the world!!!!!!!



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