What S Wrong With Me PLEASE HELP

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So Lost! - February 11

My period is now 5 days late, and usually I get really bad cramps that almost make me want to curl up in a ball and cry, but for the last week I have been getting a weird almost sick feeling that is in my stomach and abdomen. It's not the usual pain I get, I don't know if this is a sign that I am not getting my period or what... Please help me


KM - February 11

No one can really answer that, because when it comes to an absent period it could be several different things.Do you think you may be pregnant?? Usually with early pregnancy, you will still have VERY bad cramping around the time where you should get a period, just in most cases you wouldn't get one.


So Lost! - February 11

I very much believe that I am pregnant, but the way my body is I am not sure what it wants to do... See I think I am pregnant but these weird feelings have me doubting. I have been getting nausea, major fatigue, gas which is unusual for me as weird as that sounds, and now these feelings in my abdomen and stomach, it almost feels as if its pinching or something.


KM - February 12

those are early symptoms. And most women when they are pregnant just KNOW they are. you get a feeling. I did when I was. Every woman's body does different things during pregnancy. I would take a home test, it can't hurt to take one can it. If you get a neg. try again a few days later. If you still dont get your period in a few wks and keep getting negatives, see the doc for a blood test. Those are more acurate, or there could be another reason your period is absent.


Grandpa Viv - February 12

If you had a contraceptive malfunction Jan 20 - 23 there is a pretty good chance you are pregnant. The gas comes from changes in your digestive system caused by pregnancy hormones. Excessive fatigue and nausea are also signs. Many women describe a "tugging feeling" instead of cramps. Mail [email protected] for a little support.


So Lost! - February 12

I went of birth control around 2-3 months ago because it was making me feel worse then it was better. Therefore there is an even higher chance, because my bf recently moved in with me and we have been having s_x everyday even on my most fertile days... Thank you for all your support and when I take the test and if it comes back positive, then I will let you all know! Thanks again


KM - February 12

If you didn't use a condom, and aren't on the pill. You haev a very high chance. I'd say you could very well be, because like we said, you have some symptoms.


kristy - February 13

please take my advice if any of you guys are on any type of birth control pills or patches do not smoke it can cause you to have a heart attack I now know that from experince I had one and now I can no longer be on anything other than condoms



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